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5 ways to help control diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that destroys health slowly over time. Here are five ways to help you manage your diabetes.
1. Eat regularly and do not skip meals
The human body is very intelligent. When we eat less, the body will prepare to store more. As we eat more, the body focuses on changing the distribution of substances. Although this function is beneficial to health, but if you have diabetes, this can increase blood sugar levels and reduce urgent situations, such as hypoglycemia. That is why you should follow a strict diet, eat small meals during the day and never skip meals.
Increase the amount of fiber in your diet
High fiber diets have many benefits. Insoluble substances are found in brown rice, nuts and peels of fruits, which help improve digestion and nutrient uptake. Dissolves in apples, oats and nuts, helping to lower cholesterol and increase blood sugar. Fiber makes you feel full faster, preventing you from eating too much, which is an important cause of anxiety for people with diabetes.
3. Breakfast and eat less dinner
 There is a saying - "Eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like an ordinary man, and have dinner as a beggar." This advice is good for everyone, especially for people with Type-2 diabetes. Studies have shown that eating large breakfasts rich in protein and less carbs, eating less at dinner helps regulate the amount of natural glucose in the blood. This prevents the stage of hyperglycemia and improves the quality of life of the patient.
Exercise regularly
This is a double benefit. One, exercise helps maintain health and control obesity, prevention of diseases such as diabetes. Second, exercise reduces the side effects of diabetes. That is why exercise should be at least 30 minutes daily.

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Eat foods that contain slow-release carb, protein, healthy fats and lots of fruits and vegetables
A balanced diet is needed to control diabetes, with certain changes needed. These changes include removing all carbohydrate-containing fast-release foods from the diet, such as white bread, rice, and potatoes. Eat foods that contain slow-release carb without increasing blood sugar, such as whole grains, legumes. In addition, your diet should be high in low-fat (cheese, eggs, yogurt, soy), healthy fats (avocados and nuts), fruits and vegetables. high in fiber (such as berries and broccoli). But avoid fruits such as oranges, mangoes, and watermelons because they are rich in fructose.

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