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Accounting education in Thanh Xuan - Le Trong Tan

Address School in Thanh Xuan accounting - Le Trong Tan nearby main field enters in urban areas the center of which is accounting Thanh Xuan - Hanoi.

Have you ever wondered Where is the best accounting school in Thanh Xuan ? Have you ever wondered what is the best accounting training center currently? Do you want to find a building accounting class to teach 1 Attachment 1 on the evidence of your home business?

Accounting classes in Thanh Xuan

Accounting classes in Thanh Xuan

The above is the image accounting class in Thanh Xuan a most prestigious accounting address Currently across the country. Le Trong Tan - Thanh Xuan is also the main base of Hanoi Accounting Group .


With a team of highly qualified instructors, with in-depth practical experience and especially 10 years of practical experience, it is a good experience for students.


Below is the tuition fee for the courses of HANOI FINANCE CORPORATION


Hanoi Accounting Center Fee

Hanoi Accounting Center Fee

Always accompany the students that is the program of incentives and tuition discount as follows:


- Students reduce 40% tuition fee immediately. No formal or interdisciplinary. Group enrollment is reduced by 10% of tuition fee.


- Other subjects reduce 30% tuition fee. Group enrollment is reduced by 10% of tuition fee.

- Additional free Japanese course.


Next issue of student interest is the time to study and schedule to schedule


- Ca morning from 8h30 to 11h00


- Afternoon from 14h00 - 16h30


- The evening is from 18h00 - 20h30.


* Accounting classes are taught in the form of 1 with 1 trainee to arrange the course with the lecturer. Tuition fee is 5,000,000 VND / course and no tuition fee is applied.

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For more information please contact: Hotline 0982 686 028 - Mr Hai


Address: Le Trong Tan - Thanh Xuan - Ha Noi


Thanh Xuan Accounting Center

Thanh Xuan Accounting Center

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