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Accounting in Gia Lam - Long Bien

Address Accounting Studies in Gia Lam - Long Bien of HANOI ACCOUNTING - Gia Lam campus directly training and granting general accounting certificate with 02 years of practical experience.


Where is the best accounting school Gia Lam ? That is a question many of you in the vicinity of Gia Lam ask, learn to participate in our practical accounting courses.


Accounting classes in Gia Lam

Accounting classes in Gia Lam

Accounting address in Gia Lam: Co Bi - Gia Lam - Hanoi (near Hanoi Agricultural University).


Hotline: 0982 686 028 - Mr Hai Consultant, get the biggest incentive.


So when you come to Ha Noi accounting to Gia Lam you will choose the most suitable for you? Below is the fee schedule of the accounting courses we are organizing and training.

Gia Lam Accounting Center


Gia Lam Accounting Center

 Course offer: Call Hotline: 0982 686 028 - Mr Hai Receives the following incentives:

+ Students who have SV card are entitled to 40% discount on tuition fees. Group registration is subject to 50% discount.


+ The rest will be reduced by 30%. Group registration reduces 40% tuition.


+ Students aged 50 and over will receive a 50% discount on tuition fees.


+ Free 2-course Japanese tuition.


Teaching staff:


+ Rich experience, is doing directly for the whole, large companies in the area.


+ Accountant Hanoi says no to the lecturers of the university or college.


+ Equipped with professional pedagogical skills.


+ I love the job, ready to support inquiries of students every time, everywhere.


In addition, GIA LAM ACADEMY OF TRAINING has training, teaching private accounting courses as required by 1 as 1 according to each certificate of your business.


Private tuition fee in Gia Lam tuition fee is 5,000,000 VND / course . Do not limit practice time, teach until the new master only.


The study schedule and schedule are as follows:


Lesson 1: Study all day Sunday (morning, afternoon)


Ca 2: Learn to schedule 246 or 357 with Evening shift from 18h00 - 20h30, Afternoon from 14h00 to 16h30, Ca morning from 8.30am - 11h00.


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For more information please contact: Hotline 0982 686 028 - Mr Hai

Address: ancient forest road (near agricultural university)


Accountants in Gia Lam

Accountants in Gia Lam

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