American Sports Shock Go to jail for 160 years because of nightly $ 100,000

In connection with the school basketball corruption scandal in the United States, two men are facing up to 160 years in jail.
Recently, a federal jury in New York has charged two former NBA professional basketball members, Chuck Person (Player) Rashan Michel (referee), who are two of 10 detainees. This is related to college basketball corruption that has shaken the sport of the United States over time.

Chuck Person (left) and Rashan Michel (right) face up to 160 years in prison

The FBI and the US Department of Justice published the evidence and they described it as "dark" of college basketball on September 26. According to the indictment, the former NBA player faced the bribe of receiving $ 91,500 ($ 2 billion) in bribes and $ 18,500 ($ 400 million) in bribes when he was a coach at Auburn University. According to Dailymail, he faces up to 80 years in prison.
The second person involved in the case is a former NBA referee, Rashan Michel, faces charges of bribery and bribery, a 43-year-old man involved in tackling the score. . He will face up to 80 years in prison.
So the total prison sentence that the two former members of the NBA Chuck Person and Rashan Michel up to 160 years, this will become reality if the two former "star" failed to prove themselves innocent in the hearing. next.
Former NBA player Chuck Person played for five different clubs, starting with the Indiana Pacers in 1986 and retiring from the Seattle SuperSonics (2000). He was one of the NBA's best players in 1987 and his career recorded over 13,000 points

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