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Arsenal - Man City for Sanchez: Pleasure for Sanchez

On Sunday, Manchester City and Arsenal will be fighting for a lot of superstitions. In addition to the ranking race, this is the battle for the future of the star Alexis Sanchez.
In the summer, Alexis Sanchez arrived at Manchester City Airport. But the deal between Arsenal and City for the Chilean star is still broken at the last minute. So far, Sanchez's visit to Etihad is still only as an enemy of the Green Man.
But Sunday's game can change a lot. Alexis Sanchez is determined not to renew his contract with Arsenal. The goal of the Chilean star is nothing else to join the City, reuniting teacher Pep Guardiola. However Arsenal certainly do not want to lose his best star. There will be no convincing defeat by Arsenal at City at Etihad, and the end of the opponent's unbeaten run. Then maybe Sanchez would have to consider where he wanted to go.

Therefore, this may be the decisive battle for the future of Alexis Sanchez. If Arsenal were to keep people motivated, this was a golden opportunity for City to prove to the Chilean star, Etihad is really "Cape of Good Hope." Ice forward in every arena, just beat the Arsenal note that Man City can capture Sanchez's heart.

But this is the battle of all, including Alexis Sanchez himself. Even joining City in January, no one will be sure in the reunion with Guardiola, he will improve compared to the Barca shirt. In Etihad, Aguero is still performing brilliantly. Gabriel Jesus shows great potential. In Sanchez's left-wing striker position, both Sane and Sterling are playing well.
Therefore, Sanchez need a "salute" is really impressive. He needs to prove he deserves to be in line with Aguero, Jesus, Sane, Sterling, David Silva or De Bruyne - the striking attackers of the blue half Manchester.
The Daily Mail questioned, with the current style of destruction, in fact Man City also need Alexis Sanchez to do? To be fair, in a fierce league like the Premier League, Man City have only two true strikers mean that Aguero and Jesus are a risky gamble. In January, February next year, no one is sure whether the pair is down or not injured. And then, the land was Sanchez's.
In 2012, City of Roberto Mancini owns four forward Tevez, Aguero, Balotelli and Dzeko. Quartet took the Premier League title for the first time in the history of Man City. Two years later, it was Manuel Pellegrini's turn to build a new quartet, with Aguero, Dzeko and Jovetic and Negredo added.

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In the current trio trend as well as the ability of the midfielder, Pep hopes Sanchez is the missing piece to make the frame perfect. Also, if successful recruiting Alexis Sanchez, this rookie can fully compete in the Champions League for the Green Man. It is also considered a reason for City to live "dead" recruited Chilean players.
Due to the above reasons, the battle in Etihad is certainly an extremely tough and daring gambit. But one wonders whether Arsene Wenger is brave enough to give Sanchez the confidence he deserves. That is also a problem.

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