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Các cách diễn tả mục đích trong tiếng Anh

1.Hỏi về mục đích

- why..............? tại sao.........?
Ex: Why do you want to learn English?
- what ...........for? để làm gì..........?
Ex : what did you buy it for?
- what is the purpose of......? Mục đích của.......là gì?
Ex: what is the purpose of her visit?
- vì sao .....?
Ex: what did you do ?


2. Diễn tả mục đích

a. For + Noun ( phrase) : để
Ex: He has gone out for dinner
I went to the supermarket for some foods
b. To do.....: để
Ex: He has gone out to eat dinner
Lưu ý : She has been to the post office for buying stamp ---------> câu này sai
She has been to the post office to buy stamp -----------> câu này đúng
Tuy nhiên có trường hợp ngoại lệ
To be used for doing / to do
Ex : A knife is used for cutting 
A knife is used to cut ( cả hai câu đều đúng)
c. In order to do = so as to do
Ex: He finished work early .He wanted to see the football match.
------> H e finished work early in order to see the football match
+ In order not to do = so as not to do
Ex: We whisper .We didn't want to disturb him. 
-------> So as not to disturrb him, we whisper
+ In order for sb/ sth to do : Để cho ai đó / cái gì làm gì
Ex: In order for the lift to work you must press this button
d. with a view to + V_ing : để làm gì , với ý định làm gì
Ex: With a view to preparing this report, I will visit a number of venues and attended quite a lot of games
e. So that / In order that + S__V ( can , could , may , might , will, would)
Ex: I left the letter on the table . I wanted him to see it when he came in
= I left the letter on the table so that he could see it when he came in
We were speaking quietly .We didn't want anyone to hear us
= We were speaking quietly in order that no one could hear it
f. For fear that S_V ( should): vì sợ rằng
Ex: I am telling you this for fear that you should make a mistake

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