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Chelsea - Man Utd: Bad memories, hateful husband

Mourinho is eager to forget Chelsea, even knocked out the old team to pave the way for United to advance. On the Chelsea side, Conte has no reason to respect his teammates and the goal of Stamford Bridge is still a big win.
Last year, Mourinho's MU lost the match 0-4 at Stamford Bridge. After the match, Mourinho condemned conte by the Portuguese coach that his colleagues celebrate the goals are too outrageous, causing him to feel humiliated. As for the Conte, he does not care what Mourinho said, but insisted that focus on his work at Chelsea. Since then the relationship between the two coaches was very cold. That hint may be adding "little fire" to the battle between Chelsea and United tonight.
After 10 games, United are 23 points, less than the top five points in Man City. Since the start of the season, Manchester United have not clashed with many real opponents, have met also did not show much (0-0 draw with Liverpool, 1-0 win over Tottenham), so Mourinho's troops need to show off I am more than big games to improve the spirit of the players, help them confidently clinging to ManCity in the race to the championship.
However, it is difficult to make Mourinho pursue a beautiful game. Competing on the field, sure the Portuguese strategist is still playing for the defense of the United and stalk waiting for the opportunity to counterattack the opponent. With this style of play, MU are reaping good results after the first 10 games and so there is no reason for Mourinho to change.
Mourinho has had two periods as manager of Chelsea, but it seems the manager of Manchester United is now desperate for the old team: "I have to admit this is a bit different, but in the end I want to. Chelsea beat Chelsea, as I have done at Inter, Chelsea want to win as they did last season and the game will be ahead, "Mourinho said.
"There are no problems when you come back against Chelsea:" After a few years, things will be more natural, after four or five years, no one will remember me. As Chelsea coach, everything will be normal. Today you are at this club, the next day you are in another club, that's not a big thing. "
Chelsea have only 19 points this season, they are nine points ahead of City, so the opportunity to defend the championship is very difficult. The home side, Chelsea goal is three points. It would be dangerous if Chelsea, then no one dared Conte will sit in the captain's seat. Remember that Mourinho was fired earlier in 2016 even though he was crowned Chelsea last season.
However, Conte does not seem to worry about Manchester United, the Italian strategist is interested in the style of destruction City. "Now there are big issues for all the teams that want to win the championship, and the biggest problem is that if they keep going, they will be very difficult to win. "said Conte.
Chelsea fans as well as Conte are looking forward to the return of Kante, injured French midfielder had to sit out six games. Most recently Kante has come to practice with his teammates but the possibility of appearing is still uncertain. Missing Kante, Chelsea fans really miss ... Matic. The Serbian midfielder is helping to solidify the midfield, while in the absence of Kante Chelsea lose the shield before the defense.

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Former Manchester United captain Garry Neville is adding fuel to the fire, believing that Chelsea's decision to sell Matic to Manchester United should be fired. Matic will return to his old home, where he has been twice (Matic has been sold twice by Chelsea), but things have changed and now the Serbian midfielder will give his best. to serve MU.
On the United side, Jesse Lingaard will sit out due to injury. Valencia, Young will return after a midweek break. The ability to play Paul Pogba open, do not understand why the French midfielder has yet to return to the game despite returning to heavy training is not short.
Chelsea lost only one of their last 15 matches at home in the Premier League. That will be a big boost for Conte's troops tonight. However, compared with last season, Chelsea is weak, with the current strength, it is not easy for Chelsea to be able to break even though the team is playing at home

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