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Chelsea - MU : Sword sword blunt jagged shield

 Chelsea and Manchester United will meet in the context of each team is poor in a different side.
Chelsea and Manchester United will meet at Stamford Bridge at 23:30 on Sunday. The match is meaningful when the defending champion Chelsea is slowly falling apart in the race to the throne with recent style, and Manchester United will try to win and wait for Manchester City to lose foot before Arsenal to shorten. separated from the top of the table.
This match comes at a time when both teams reveal the obvious weaknesses in their gameplay. Chelsea have conceded in the last few weeks, while United are struggling to make ends meet with the downfall of attacking players.

Chelsea defensively

Despite being one of the best defensive teams in the 2016/17 season when switching to the three-fault defense, Chelsea this season performed a very bad defensive side. Since the 4-0 win over Stoke 4-0 on 23/9, Chelsea have gone through seven of the last eight not kept clean sheets, the only opponent not to score in the net "The Blues" is Bournemouth.


Chelsea players were thoroughly exploited in a 0-3 defeat to AS Roma recently in the Champions League. In the Roma scoring situation, the Chelsea defender almost ran after the ball without contact to hold the position. They do not have the ability to cope with the cross yard, a weapon that the Roma midfielders take advantage to the maximum.
What is causing the Chelsea defense? There is an unacceptable reality, Antonio Conte is using up to nine different 3-man rivals since the start of the season. The players have changed almost always with only one match (Leicester 2-1 victory, after the 2-0 win over EvertonChelsea keep the set of three defenders.
The 2-0 win over Everton was the first clean sheet against Rudiger - Azpilicueta - Luiz, and the same trio started as Chelsea won 1-0 at Bournemouth. In a natural reaction, coach Antonio Conte just kept the team, with Davide Zappacosta on the right wing, but in the match against Roma, Conte pushed Azpilicueta to the right to replace Cahill.
Of course, Chelsea also have difficulty when there is no N'Golo Kante for the defense and Nemanja Matic was sold to United. But with the defenders in hand, Conte is not consistent in policy use should not be surprised that they keep clean sheets 5 games from the beginning of the season.

United attacked

United have not been far behind on the Premier League table and have almost certainly passed the Champions League group stage, but their performance has been disappointing recently. Since the Crystal Palace 4-0 win, Manchester United did not score more than two goals in the next six games, including the defeat of Huddersfield 1-2, making them unbeaten circuit.


The lack of creativity is thought to be the main cause. The loss of Paul Pogba, Michael Carrick and Marouane Fellaini in the midfield while the United defender has little contribution to the attack, the MU striker fainted. Romelu Lukaku has been on the bench for six successive league games against United, while Henrikh Mkhitaryan has gone from worst to worst since joining the 2016/17 season.



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The absence of creative midfielders as well as the medium attacking ability of the defenders made a series of weaknesses of attacking players MU exposed. Lukaku tried very hard but was still poor in wall shading and isolated when he was standing on high. Lingard only ran, Mata hard but not high mutation, Rashford and Martial played well but could not win. The Mkhitaryan are weak when they are in the middle.
The good is not so good but United still have positive results thanks to strong defenses, key substitutions and good luck. Mancini has won two victories over Benfica thanks to the mistake of the goalkeeper, defeating Swansea thanks to Lingard's double and past Tottenham by Martial.

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