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Deportivo - Atletico Madrid: Extra time cannon

(Soccer, Football, Deportivo - Atletico Madrid, 11th round La Liga) Diego Simeone's army continues to have an extremely hard game after the last bowl game.
Highly rated this season, but what Atletico Madrid has shown really worried their fans. Having played 3 matches in all competitions, "Rojiblancos" only drew 1-1 of their opponents and they were in danger of being eliminated from the Champions League group stage. Back at La Liga, Atletico had to make a comeback at Deportivo La Coruna's Riazor.
The two teams played quite closely and the striker side did not have much chance to finish. In the midst of difficulties, Atletico escaped in the first minute of the second half when they were given a free kick, Gabi pushed the ball to Thomas Partey to end the tension as the only point to open the score for the team. red striped shirt - white to Madrid.
Final: Deportivo La Coruna 0-1 Atletico Madrid
Goal: Partey 90 + 1 '
Starting lineup:
Deportivo: 25 C. Pantilimon 12 Sidnei 16 Luisinho 24 F. Schär 2 Juanfran 22 C. Borges 20 Guilherme 9 F. Cartabia 18 Z. Bakkali 17 F. Valverde 7 Lucas Pérez
Atletico: 3 J. Oblak 20 Juanfran 2 D. Godín 15 S. Savić 19 L. Hernández 14 Gabi 12 A. Fernández 8 Saúl 5 T. Partey 7 A. Griezmann 11 Á. Correa

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