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Detect new G spot in two sects

Since it was discovered in the 50s of the last century, the "orgasm" - also known as the G-spot in both sexes is still a mystery.
Since the discovery in the 50s of the last century, the "orgasm" - also known as the G-spot in both sexes is still a mystery because no anatomical study has shown. evidence of its existence. Some believe that G is real, others think G is just imaginary. 
Although there are no unified opinions, recent sex studies reveal that organs can bring pleasure that people do not know.

G In men

Nipple: The nipple of the female is very sensitive, the male is no exception. Men's breasts also include many sensitive nerves, which when kissed or stroked in this area will cause men to excite non-stop.
Young thigh: This is a very sensitive place, even when he was protected by a pair of jeans, the little strokes along his thighs also caused his emotions to rise quickly.
Feet: Feet not only can bring pleasure to women but men too. We all know, under the feet are full of types of nerves, including some nerves connected to the genitals. Gentle men's foot massage can make him enjoy the pleasure before.

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G In women

Nose: There are many opinions about nose and sense of pleasure connected with each other, this is also not groundless. The nasal cavity consists of organs that help the nostrils expand, which can stimulate excitement, accelerate blood circulation, and enhance the sensitivity to the body, including genital sensations.
Hips: Located in the small vertebrae of the back above the buttocks, which are connected to the genital nerves. Many prove that, when conducting "exploration" in this area, 90% of women will peak when "love".
The umbilical cord: The umbilical cord and the "space" of the female have many similarities and these two parts have multiple nerve connections. Use the hands to press the navel, the genitals will feel excited and so can bring pleasure.
Toes: On the toes of the sisters there is a nerve connected directly to the genitals. Thus, the femur of a woman's toes can give her a completely different sensual experience.

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