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General accounting class in Thai Binh

Dear accountants in Thai Binh , nowadays, to create favorable conditions for you to register for the  General Accounting Classes in Thai Binh , HANOI ACCOUNTING opens branches and regularly opens Practical accounting classes in Thap Binh .

Address: Kim Dong Street - Thai Binh City - Thai Binh Province.


TEL: 0982 686 028 - Mr Hai (Direct management of Thai Binh facility).


Many friends ask you accounting accounting in Thai Binh have quality assurance as Hanoi? Ha Noi accounting as the reality, all the input lecturers are carefully selected, screening many new doors can be taught. Especially, the lecturers  at Thai Binh General Accounting Classare our Best Trainers.


When you come to practice accounting course in Thai Binh what will you learn? The training program is .. it is a question of all students .. want to see the content of the training quality, is suitable for what you are asking?


My Tho Accounting Center - Tien Giang

Accounting Center in Thai Binh

ACCOUNTING HANOI does not hide anything to immediately disclose the content and program of each accounting session at Accounting practice class in Thai Binh as follows:





I- Practical accounting principles (4 sessions)

Session 1 : Guide the accounting organization in the enterprise and recognize the documents in the enterprise.

Session 2 : Guide accounting rules and accounting (combined with assignment but specify)

Session 3 : Guide the accounting voucher + open the document to accounting some operations (combined with the additional documents)


Session 4 : Cure Exercises + Take tests and cure returns to students.


§  Principles of accounting (soft copy for students)

Ø  Final Examination (Refresher and Referee for Student)


Include information to attach the assignment to the lecturer.


4 sessions





II- Practice of Certification in 2016

      Practice of making tax reports, finalizing accounting vouchers and making financial statements on Excel of Vietnam Mechanical and Refrigeration Joint Stock Company (newly established in 2016).

Session 1 : Guide from the first contents to the license tax;

Session 2 : Complete instructions on invoices and handling invoices;


Session 3 + 4 + 5 : Basic Excel Tutorial and Entering Operations in October + 11 + 12/2016;


Session 6 : Actual performance at the end of Q4 / 2016;

Session 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 : Work at the end of 2016;

- 02 book sessions;

-02 sessions of financial reporting;

Session 11 : Finalization of CIT and final settlement of PIT.


Attach detailed text (Part 1)


11 sessions


III- Practice of Quarter 1/2016 documents

      Practice of making tax reports, finalizing accounting vouchers and making financial statements on Excel of Vietnam Mechanical Refrigeration Joint Stock Company (2016)

Session 1 + 2 + 3 : Guide to the beginning and ending balance in January 2017 (match results of trainees and teachers)

Session 4 + 5 + 6 : Guide to enter the end of February(matching results of students and teachers)


Session 7 + 8 + 9 : Guide to enter the end of March(request matching results of students and teachers)


Session 10 : Work at the end of Q1 / 2017.

Session 11 + 12 + 13 : Making books and making financial statements + Making final settlement of enterprise income tax; QT personal income tax.

End of course with tax test (the teacher treats the student and submits to the supervisory board)

à End practice on Excel module requires practitioners in the financial press + to balance tax and personal income tax QT + General + diary ledger.

Attach detailed text (Part 2)


13 sessions


Practical accounting and financial reporting on the Misawa Software January 2017.


 Attach detailed instruction with pictures.

       4 sessions



 Class schedule :  T7 and Sun weekly. Or evenings of the week.

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Lecturer:  Engage experienced lecturers who have practiced accounting for at least 8 years of experience. Unqualified lecturers have the  right to inform lecturers freely.


Tuition fee:  4,000,000 VND / course (including curriculum materials, certificates after the course).


Discount :  30% discount on tuition fees.


Schedule: Every Sunday, there is a need for students to contact us.  Hotline: 0982 686 028 - Mr Hai  is consulted before.


For more information please contact:

Accounting Addresses in Thai Binh

Hotline: 0982 686 028 - Mr Hai

Dc: Kim Dong Street - Thai Binh City - Thai Binh

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