Google announced the historic turning point of the self-driving car

After more than eight years, Waymo, Google's subsidiary, believes its technology is ready to drive completely self-propelled cars off the road without people sitting in the driver's seat.
CEO Waymo John Krafcik announced at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal that Waymo's self-drive car was ready to run on the street without a supervisor. The company also shares some details about the expansion of the pilot program on the blog. Even though both CEOs and representatives of Waymo do not say exactly why the company is confident that their vehicles will be able to drive themselves completely, Waymo seems to have reached level 4, meaning that the car itself Treat all situations without human intervention. Most other companies are doing self-driving test at level 3, still need a manager in many situations.
Waymo's full-auto pilot will begin in Phoenix, Arizona. A limited number of Chrysler Pacifica vehicles have been tested without a driver in the designated area and are expected to expand the program to more vehicles in areas larger than 1,500ha over time.
Waymo has released a clip of the Pacifica full-on-the-road self-propelled vehicle, demonstrating the ability to handle a variety of traffic situations such as stopping pedestrians on the road and signaling lights, turning ... Waymo's Statement An important milestone in the development of self-drive vehicles. Until now, this type of car often have to ask the driver to track the journey and control when the problem does not handle itself. It is regulated by the local authorities, but with the development of technology, the rules also change.
For example, the California Motor Vehicle Authority (CMA) recently proposed a series of changes that would allow companies to test their cars completely on the road, following new federal regulations on vehicles. Self-steering has been adopted by the US House of Representatives and is currently awaiting the Senate vote. Once they are approved, the completely new self-driving test program can be expanded rapidly, led by Waymo.
Google Inc. has begun offering invitations for people to try the media for personal use, starting with those who participated in the previous pilot program in Phoenix. According to Waymo CEO, in the future, users can rent a car for days, weeks or even longer. Since there is no driver needed, the car can also be redesigned for transport, as a place for dinner or for a nap.
Fully self-steering and self-propelled car service, Waymo has been at the center of the self-propelled race.

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