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How do I score the IELTS test?

The sum of the four skills will be rounded up, ".25" will be rounded to ".5", and ".75" will be rounded to 1.0.
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IELTS is a popular test in the world with about 3 million test takers per year, aiming to study, work or settle in Australia, USA, UK, Canada and New Zealand. IELTS score is high, candidates must understand the structure, criteria and how to mark the test.



IELTS grading

IELTS scores are shown on a 1-9 scale. The applicant's IELTS score will show the total score and score for each test. The total score will be based on the average of the four listening, reading, writing and speaking skills.
The sum of the 4 skills will be rounded according to the general rule as follows: If the average of the 4 skills with the odd number is ".25", it will be rounded to ".5". ".75" will be rounded to 1.0.
Listening: The composition score of the four skills consists of 40 questions. Each correct answer candidate will get one point; The maximum score possible is 40 for each test. Grades 1-9 will be calculated based on the number of correct answers.


Reading: There are 40 questions. Every right answer candidate will get one point.
The IELTS test scores are the same for both the academic and the general. The difference between the two tests is the type and language of the test. However, the academic IELTS reading test has more complex vocabulary and structure. Therefore, the same score, but usually candidates should strive to get the correct number of answers in the academic type more than the general type.
Written by: IELTS Judge will be based on a detailed description of the scale of 1-9 to score based on four criteria: ability to complete the test requirements (for topic 1), ability to answer the test (for topic 2); cohesion - connection between sentences, paragraphs; vocabulary and grammar. The weighting for each criterion is the same.
Speaking: The judge will assess the score based on fluency and coherence of speech, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation. The scoring rate for each criterion is the same.
IELTS test takers at IDP always have to undergo intensive training on marking standards to ensure that the test is correctly and accurately marked.

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