How many eggs should a child eat per week?

Nutrition experts have left recommendations on how to use eggs for children as before.
Talking with PV, TS.BS. Truong Hong Son, director of the Institute of Applied Medicine of Vietnam, said today, nutritionists have abandoned recommendations on how to use eggs for children as before.
Nutritionists, cardiologists recommend not feeding three to four eggs a week.
Previously, nutrition experts recommend only 3-4 children per week. Nowadays, nutritionists, cardiologists abandon this recommendation.
"If a child likes to eat one egg a day is perfectly normal," said Dr. BHS Hong Son.
Son explained, from the past, eggs are indispensable dishes in the daily menu of the Vietnamese. Eggs are foods with high nutritional value, considered "total nutritional food".
Eggs have many nutritional values ​​such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals but cholesterol higher than other foods. In addition, eggs contain high levels of protein, fat, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, vitamin B12, vitamin D, saturated fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids and cholesterol. , the rate of nutrients in eggs is very appropriate and balanced.
However, every day a child eats an egg, the cholesterol does not exceed 300mg / day. Therefore, it should not be limited to 3-4 eggs per week.
On the scientific side, there is a wide variety of foods for children because none of them contain the necessary nutrients for the body.
For eggs, the cooking methods are very simple, such as boiled, fried, fried, store all ensure nutrition. Boiled eggs and egg soup are the most digestible, suitable for children, the elderly and the sick.
For fried eggs, please pay attention to the raw materials attached. Nutritional content in chicken eggs are deficient in vitamin C. So want to eat enough nutrition we fry eggs with tomatoes, green peppers to supplement this vitamin.
Boiled eggs are also a good choice, if you feel monotonous, then you can use cooked eggs to slice salat.
The expert also recommends, do not eat a lot of fried eggs at high temperatures, because this method is not good for health.

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