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Jack Ma No cash society has come so close

Mr. Jack Ma, Alibaba Group Chairman, believes that, with government support for businesses, the development of technology and the Internet, e-payment will thrive in Vietnam.
"Like it or not, Vietnam still has to develop e-commerce, payment on mobile. The non-cash society has come very close, "said Jack Ma.
No less than 3 times the speech of Alibaba Chairman received the applause with unwavering applause from the auditorium.

"You lose money, I will repay"

After the MC's introduction of the name Jack Ma on stage to start the dialogue with the Chairman of FPT Corporation - Truong Gia Binh, the whole assembly stand up applause welcome. An audience with a book on the boss of Alibaba raised the big name Jack Ma expressed admiration. Eric Jing - CEO of Ant Finance Company.

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The second time back in Vietnam, Alibaba boss impressed when many young people have money, but instead of giving money to the card, they are holding a lot of money in the wallet. "This will be very risky, because keeping money in your wallet will be a chance for scams, money laundering, and even corruption," he said.

More than 50% of Vietnam's population use the Internet and about 54% use mobile phones. This is a great opportunity to develop a non-cash payment market.
"I fully agree with the Prime Minister, wanting to solve this problem must cover finances, there is no other option is to bring the non-cash society is approaching. Are they going down the street at all? They have to go online, do business, have a young population like this, give them the opportunity to do business simple, easy to compete in the future, "billionaire Jack Ma continued. .
Emphasizing the importance of mobile payment development, but in Vietnam this service is still having difficulties with the psychology of the user. The philosophy of increasing trust with users is shared by CEO Alibaba, "you lose money that I will repay." This is also the philosophy, commitment that Alibaba boss offered to his customers from the early days of starting a business.
"If you lose a dollar, I will pay a dollar, lose a million dollars will pay a million dollars. In Vietnam, we think everything is very promising, so we need to motivate businesses to do it, "he said.
In that development, Jack Ma emphasized the security of information systems, services. "We are more concerned about security than the government, because when the first people die, the first is our business," he said.
In addition, Eric Jing, CEO of Ant Financial Services, said that security was the most important factor in the early days of AliPay building and developing the service system.

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"Even if the service has grown at a higher level, security is still the leading factor we are aiming for," Eric said, adding that in the new context with the emergence of intelligence Artificial intelligence should "apply immediately to the development platform for consumers to benefit."

Starting a business in Vietnam "idea, not money"

Back in the 10th year of Alibaba's development story, Jack Ma said that while developing AliPay many have doubts about its development. "But I told my associates: Let's go," he said.

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Alibaba's boss says Alibaba is not in Vietnam to compete "to help small businesses develop electronic payments."
According to Jack Ma, the key issue in business is not money but ideas. "Entrepreneurs have to think about what they are going to do, not think about how much money they will earn, and when they have a good idea, the money will work out." have money, but there is no room for passive people in this case, "he said.
However, in the process of starting a business, in addition to ideas, "also need money."
"You may have to borrow money when you start and the original bank will certainly not give you a loan because they have to see what you have in hand, at least the idea. , some new helpers are unusual, "he continued.
Billionaire Jack Ma stressed, starting out do not need to do anything too big, just something small but interesting and "must have love in it."
At the same time, administrative procedures need to be improved as quickly as possible. "Let the start-up business only take care of the administrative procedures within a minute, but not the administrative procedures" up and down, please, "he said, stressing, the government should create Time to do business spirit, easy business.

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