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Jack Ma: Start your career with love

TTO - Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma is at the VEPF 2017 forum is talking about experience developing e-commerce, electronic payment on mobile devices in Hanoi.
Alibaba Group Chairman Jack Ma attended the VEPF 2017 forum and had a talk on eCommerce development experience on mobile devices in China ahead of more than 700 attendees.
For young people to develop
In dialogue with Mr. Jack Ma as Chairman of FPT Truong Gia Binh Group as the lead speaker of the dialogue.
Jack Ma stepped onto the stage in clapping and started the dialogue with his stories:
We talked about Fintech, asking a question, what would the business be like in the next 20 years? There are so many things happening to the global economy today. The last century the economy has been industrialized, revolutionized.
But only 20% of big business are successful, 80% of small businesses are not successful.
Should we continue with that ratio? I suppose not, reverse that rate, we have to give 80% chance.
To succeed we must cover, cover all aspects. We should think about it. If you want to develop your country, how can young people be developed?

Jack Ma

Thus, how to deal to 80% rather than 20%.
That is the purpose of electronic payments so that mobile payment matters spur the financial envelope.
I come to Vietnam, see a lot of young people, they have a lot of money, richer than I used to. How to get rid of much money in the wallet that pepper.
Vietnam has 54% of its population using mobile phones. I fully agree with the Prime Minister, wanting to solve this problem, must cover finance, there is no other option is to bring the non-cash society is approaching.
Young people go out but also have to network business
The billionaire from China advises young Vietnamese to feel impressed by the many young people in Hanoi who "go out to play" in the evening.
Are they going down the street at all? They have to go online, do business! A country with a young population like this, must give them the opportunity to do simple, easy business, to compete in the future.
14 years ago when I got the idea Alipay someone said jack what to do because China has no credit card, hardly, they have to see firsthand to buy. We were all there.
Then I told my colleagues, if Ali Pay failed I would go to jail first. I went to jail, the second boy followed me, the third one followed me ...
At that time only we want to solve the problem there is always a way, there are always ways. Want to do is do, if you do not want to do, there are also a million reasons not to do.

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It's time for the banks to need us!

"I tell our bankers that we need them. Indeed, banks are increasingly demanding us, technology companies," billionaire Jack Ma said.
According to him, technologies such as Big Data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing "will change the quality of banking services," so banks will need to change, use New technologies to better serve customers.
"If all of us are happy, why do not we work together, use technology to improve services for users, e-payments, and mobile payments? can not refuse, can not resist ".
Jack Ma, who was born in 1964, is now the head of Forbes' list of the richest billionaires in Asia with a net worth of $ 37.4 billion.
The Chinese billionaire is holding 7.8 percent of Alibaba and 37.9 percent of Ant Financial, nearly 50 percent of Alipa, which provides its online payment platform. Alibaba.
Alipay's Alipay e-payment application now accounts for 70% of China's market share and up to 400 million users with 70 million payments made per day.

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