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Man City vs Arsenal: Aguero better than Henry, Cantona - "Gunners" horror

With 178 goals for Man City, Aguero striker has become the club's greatest striker history. Not only that, the Argentine striker also reached the new milestone, which is to become the best striker in the Premier League.
"The only world-class striker in this tournament is Aguero. His impressive performance lasted from year to year. He won the English Premier League and we need to recognize Aguero. " Legend of Henry praises Argentina striker.
And just after nearly 40 days, the words of Thierry Henry were conveyed, Aguero immediately proved this is the truth after the victory to help City beat Napoli, he became the best striker of all time the club ( 178 goals), one more than legendary Eric Brook, who holds the record for 78 years.


Ever since he made his debut in 2011, Aguero has made a strong impression on Man City's two Premier League titles. Especially the golden goal against Queen Park Rangers in the final minutes of injury time in the 2011/12 season, has resolved the drought of the club since 1968.
Above all, Aguero deserves to be one of the most talented strikers in the history of the league. According to experts, the Argentine star has a solid foundation to be able to rise to the top of the list of the greatest striker ever played in the Premier League.
With 129 goals, Aguero has topped the most international players scoring the most goals in the history of the toughest domestic fixture in Europe such as the Premier League. Not only that, Argentine striker will continue to improve their performance in the future, because currently Wayne Rooney or Jermain Defoe are two players who are still on the Aguero are losing streak because of age signs author
In particular, the performance of the Argentine striker scored a respectable, with 129 goals after 188 games (0.68 goals per game) to help him out on the legendary Eric Cantona (64 goals / 143 Henry (226 goals / 369 games), Dennis Bergkamp (87 goals / 315 games) ...

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The statistics are showing that striker Argentina is currently the best striker in Premier League history. In the near future, the City of Manchester will play in the host Arsenal will be the opportunity for Aguero to shoot and improve performance.
If Pep Guardiola can continue to bring out the great qualities of Kun Aguero, the highest honors will be waiting for Manchester United at the end of the season.

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