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Manchester United press conference Chelsea: Mourinho court, conte fear City

While Mourinho was in court for alleged tax evasion in Spain, coach Conte in the press conference before the match against United was quite pessimistic in pursuing the City.
Abramovich is under pressure, Chelsea hard to catch up with City
Conte revealed last week that Abramovich had visited the Cobham training ground to watch the training and see the players. Recognizing the pressure, Italian strategist said the pursuit of Man City too difficult. "I feel the pressure to win every game, last season, but at the moment Chelsea are struggling to defend their title against Manchester City. "
Conte avoided speaking to Matic, limiting Kante's return
At the pre-match press conference with United, coach Conte after being asked about the mistake of letting Nemanja Matic join forces for the "Red Devils" have made the statement bluntly. "Matic is now a MU player, I do not like to talk about other players of other teams."
Also when asked about the return of Kante in the match against United, the Italian strategist also appeared open. "He is making good progress, we will make the decision tomorrow to have a plan for the team, this is really an important player."

Conte regretted Chelsea, ready to PSG

According to Arab News, despite the unbeaten series since the start of the season, the chair of Unai Emery at PSG is not guaranteed. The Prince of Wales Stadium is ready to welcome coach Conte to take over the PSG hot seat early next season.
Conte is currently in contention with chairman Abramovich after a poor start to the season, with City being nine points ahead of the Premier League. Most recently, the Spanish press reported that Conte was officially sacked at the end of the season just before the decisive battle with Manchester United.
Lukaku fights 6 games, self-praise talented
After the start of the boom season with 11 goals / 10 games, the £ 75m-rated striker has gone through a series of six failures. Sharing on Sky Sports, Lukaku has called on fans to be patient.
"I am 24 years old, I think so many people judge and judge me as a complete player. In the immediate future, I want to improve the ability, then rise to the highest level. I know I have talent, I can score with my left foot, right leg or head. Also, I would like to be a more creative and constructive player. Most importantly when the team in trouble, they can trust me.
I want to win because I'm in the perfect environment, the perfect age to take my career to the next level. "
Mourinho goes on trial for tax evasion
Mourinho has been in the capital, Madrid, for a hearing on income taxes while leading Real Madrid. After being interviewed by ESPN, "Special One" responded briefly. "I do not want to argue about the charges, I have paid the right amount of money from the Spanish government, I am sure I have paid off my debts, which is why I am here, otherwise. "
According to the Spanish court's indictment, Mourinho cheated £ 2.9 million in royalties from 2011 to 2012.
MU will not change the game
Mourinho has said he will not change his philosophy after being opposed to negative play in recent times. "I understand how the game is shaping up, similar to some of the tempting clubs, but they are easy to take on in the worst case, with Tottenham winning 4-1. Real 3-1 but could not score one against Manchester United. "
Fabregas loves Mourinho more than Wenger
Having been a student of Wenger (Arsenal) and Mourinho (Chelsea), the Spanish midfielder frankly admitted that he had feelings for the "special person" more. "He is the coach I admire the most, besides Arsene Wenger, the coach I most frequently contact is Jose." About Mourinho's dismissal at Chelsea, I felt guilty and could not sleep because of my thoughts. come on this. "
Mourinho sad because Chelsea quickly forget
Speaking of days back to Chelsea, the 54-year-old strategist bitterly admits the Chelsea fans will not remember him as the club's head coach. "Today you are at this club, tomorrow you are at another club, that is normal, but after a game or four to five years, people will not remember me once was the Chelsea manager."
Lukaku dies because of Pogba
The striker Romelu Lukaku deserves to be criticized after scoring six goals. However, legend Bryan Robson has recently pointed out the cause of the Belgian striker down in recent times, which is due to the absence of Paul Pogba.
"Pogba knows how to score goals and understands Lukaku better than anybody else in the squad, so I believe that this is the main reason why Lukaku is down and Manchester United are not scoring as many goals as they were at the beginning of the season. Pogba must return as soon as possible. "


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Mourinho reveals Matic's phone call from Chelsea
Chelsea midfielder Jose Mourinho unexpectedly shared the moment with Manchester United midfielder Nemanja Matic. "I was very surprised when the representative of Matic called me and asked if I wanted to reunite with Matic. I am surprised with that question. I know him and saw the frankness of this conversation, of course I did not take too much time to have a quick nod. "Mourinho recalled buying Matic.
Obviously, Mourinho was too successful after bringing his old pupil to Old Trafford. Chelsea have since lost the Matic are no longer themselves, while United again have a gift invaluable surprise with the "monster" Serbian.
United must rule over Fellaini
Fellaini is only one year contract with United and the Belgian midfielder will turn 30 in three weeks. In principle, the Reds will only offer a one-year extension. But with excellent performance of this hairy midfielder, BLD MU want to give him a new contract with a two-year term with the option to renew for a year. That means MU will have to break the old rules to extend the contract and Fellaini will be the first exception.

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