Medication for prostate cancer

The prostate gland, also called glutamic or prostatic gland, is the gland of the male genital tract, located at the entrance of the bladder, which surrounds the urethra, the tube that drains the urine.
The prostaglandin secretes liquid into the seminal fluid, which nourishes and protects the sperm by neutralizing the acidic environment in the reproductive organs of both sexes. As the age increases, the demand for fluid decreases, the prostate gland progressively grows, which is the normal rule of every man. It is said that prostate fibrosis refers to an enlarged size due to fibrosis or enlarged prostate inflammation in older men. Due to enlargement of the prostate gland into the urethra and bladder, causing difficulty urinating and increasing is the most common signs of prostate cancer such as dysphagia, diabetes, Urine every few times. Some patients have difficulty urinating, in which the urine does not drain enough and the bladder is inflated. If severe can cause chronic urinary retention leading to cystitis, urinary tract infections, kidney stasis, even kidney failure.
Eastern medicine medicine is an experience drug with no side effects, making "fiber", bringing the prostate back to normal size. Please refer to the same reference:
12g, 10g lime, 10g lychee, 10g lychee, lychee 10g, 10g lychee, 12g chrysanthemum, 12g chrysanthemum flower, 12g yellow flowers, 12g yellow gold, 12g virgin , 10g glaucoma, 10g glaucoma, 8g seeds, 10g ginseng, 10g ginseng, 20g ginseng, 20g licorice, licorice 8g.
If you are urinating heavier, add: 16g boiled rice, sugar cane 20g (star) 20g (these two add only only 1-2 days, when urinating easily, stop now).
Put the pot together with 5 bowls of water, add 5 slices of fresh ginger, then boil 2 bowls. Dice 2 times, each time to take a bowl, mixed three times, she has two bowls, divide evenly in the day. Drink continuously for 15 - 20 months, then go to check with ultrasound. If you have returned to normal, after 2 months should also drink 5-7 more to not relapse.

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