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Mourinho showed 25 trophies responding criticism, demanding MU raise early pay

Jose Mourinho took 25 trophies in his career in response to criticism, and demanded that Manchester United win the Champions League trophy.
Criticized for style, Mourinho took the trophy off
Chelsea will face Manchester United today at 23:30 and Jose Mourinho will not forget the battle with the other coaches hotter. Over the past few weeks Mourinho has been criticized and questioned enough by Manchester United's unstoppable style of football, and he has decided to return.
At the press conference ahead of the game, Mourinho was asked what he would do to receive the respect he deemed deserving. "I think the 25 championship is the testimony of a successful coach. With some other coaches they will have to win several more cups to reach the 25th cup. "

"And some people need 20 or even 25 trophies to reach that level. I have 25 and I still want more trophies. Maybe when I have 26 trophies then people give me respect. "

Mourinho is right now with 25 league appearances, while Arsenal's Pep Guardiola and Arsene Wenger have four trophies, with Chelsea's Antonio Conte having only six trophies. However, Guardiola's and Mauricio Pochettino's football style in Tottenham are praised more than these days.
"The special person" thinks the beauty of football ultimately depends on the viewer. "Before becoming a coach, I was a soccer lover and could watch football all day. My priority is to win. What is new magic? As Tottenham kick with Real Madrid? I recently saw another team like that and blamed it negatively, "Mourinho said.
"I saw a team like that, defending, pressing, controlling breakthroughs, playing five defenders, rising defenders, kicking back the ball, Bring the ball behind the empty space of the opponent. But they criticize the football and praised Tottenham even though the rock is no different. "

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Conte admitted Chelsea last season
Antonio Conte won his first Premier League season with Chelsea, but this season's prospects for defending the throne of The Blues have plummeted. Although Conte is not afraid of getting the same result as Jose Mourinho, he has admitted last season that Chelsea have had a lot of luck on the championship.
"Last season, we won the championship as a feat. It was a great achievement because Chelsea had the same team last season. "But I still deserve the win and I deserve more time to lead the club," said Conte.
"I understand that not everyone has the patience, but we have to be realistic. Me and the players are trying to build a foundation in Chelsea and need time to do it. Patience is a valuable asset.
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Chelsea - Man Utd: Bad memories

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