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Mr. Trump chose to have lunch with American-Korean soldiers instead of the reception

President Trump chose lunch with two soldiers at a military base instead of a banquet when arriving in Korea.
"I had a very lucrative lunch option and I said no, I wanted to eat with the soldiers and we ate with the soldiers," Daily Caller quoted US President Donald Trump on Nov. 7 as saying. reporter after lunch at the Humphreys Camp, a unit of US garrison in Korea.
The two leaders will probably focus on the Korean situation and will exchange views on other pressing international issues.
President Trump and Korean President Moon Jae-in, along with 108 soldiers, including 20 South Korean soldiers, had lunch with Mexican dishes on Tuesday's menu. Lunch with taco, burrito and French fries.

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"Hello everyone, good food," Mr. Trump said as he sat at the dinner table for about 20 minutes.

President Trump loves Mexican food. In May 2016, he posted photos of Mexico's Cinco de Mayo with taco on Twitter. Trump's favorite food was previously taken care of by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe when he invited the US President and wife to a famous steak house in Tokyo on November 5.
President Trump is on a trip to five Asian countries. Korea is the second stop after Japan. Mr. Trump then visited China, Vietnam and the Philippines.

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