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Myths about sex

Wear pants that are "helpless"? Can a person have multiple orgasms or be able to "peak" by thinking?

Food is effective?

Some thousand years ago, some herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables were favored by the ancients, believing that they could improve their sex life. Today, the most well-known sex food is oysters, dark chocolate and avocados.
But are these foods really effective? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says there is not enough scientific evidence to prove the positive impact of sexual flesh food on human sexual desire.
A 2011 analysis shows that some herbs appear to be effective in this regard, but more research is needed to be sure.
However, according to Dr. Doron S. Stember, urologist at Beth Israel Medical Center, said: "Sexual behavior is very complex, so if a man believes that this type of sexual food is With him, it would be so even though it may be just a placebo effect. "

Can "peak" many times?

According to sex experts, "multiple orgasms" are not necessarily the name of it. To be precise, the "upsets" behind are just the aftershock of the original orgasm.
But whether they are aftershocks or not, they are generally good for pleasure. This is true for a few men.
"The male characteristic is the inert phase after orgasm, when they temporarily lose their erection or experience a second orgasm," Dr. Stember said. People can still maintain their erectile function after orgasm and "peak" the second time in the same 'love'.

Shorts bundle ... "helpless"?

Some argue that underwear is a high risk for erectile dysfunction in men, but in fact, there is no scientific evidence to confirm this problem.
However, according to Dr. Jennifer Landa, a specialist in preventive medicine in Orlando, USA, men should not be subjective: "Some studies show that tight pants will increase the temperature in the scrotum, harm. "Sperm" and hence can cause infertility in men.

Is G spot real?

By definition, the mysterious G spot of women is located on the vaginal wall that is capable of producing a powerful orgasm when stimulated. The subject has been debated by scientists for many years.
Most experts believe that only a few women have a G score while many claim to have found their G spot.
Recently, Dr. Adam Ostrzenski of the Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology in St. Petersburg (USA) announced the discovery of G spot after a 83-year-old Polish woman.
Meanwhile, the study by Dr. Amichai Kilchevsky, synthesized from G-spot studies over 60 years, confirms that G-scores do not exist.

Sex dreams reveal their true feelings?

Dreaming that I was "using the mask" with the boss means I was fascinated him?
In fact, according to dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg, author of Dream On It, his true feelings do not necessarily play a part in one's dream.
Although dream allows the subject to satisfy the dream of a safe sex, Loewenberg says: "For most of the sex dreams, the enemy is the one we usually keep away from them in real life. real".
Instead, the mysterious man in the dream represents the missing qualities of the subject's sex life.

Can "peak" by thinking?

According to Dr. Barry Komisaruk, a neuroscientist, Rutgers University School of Psychology, states: "No matter what happens to orgasm, most people still need physiological stimulation."
Nevertheless, according to Komisaruk, trying to visualize the orgasm can assist in improving the sexual life of women who do not regularly experience orgasm or have sex problems.


Too much self-induced "helplessness"?

According to the American Psychiatric Association, a person is considered too "selfish" too much when he conducts it as a daily activity.

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Dr. Landa claims no clinical data suggest that masturbation can increase the risk of sexual problems.
However, there have been some cases of over-reliance on sex films. "It seems that a few men depend on porn to catch their" little boy ", Landa said.

Men may not need "erection" but still "top"?

It sounds unreasonable, but according to Dr. Stember, this is quite possible.
"In men's sexual activity, it is not always necessary to have an erection," says Stember.
With prostate cancer patients, many people can not "get" enough to "finish", however, they can still achieve orgasm through other stimuli.

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