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PSG sublimated: Neymar lighted the door Ronaldo - Messi holding yellow ball

PSG is competing in the Champions League. Meanwhile Real and Barca are unconvincing. This is the moment for Neymar to surpass Ronaldo and Messi.

The flag went to PSG - Neymar

We can say that PSG is the most impressive team in the Champions League by the end of four rounds. Representing Ligue 1 with Manchester City, the full victory but the gameplay more convincing. PSG is difficult to face against Bayern with two patrons in this playground is Celtic and Anderlecht. Experts predict, PSG will face many pitfalls.
But PSG has leveled it all. They beat Bayern Munich 3 goals and did not remove the coach Ancelotti lost his job soon after. The remaining 3 games, the team Paris destroy the enemy does not mercilessly. They netted nine goals in Anderlecht in two starts and busted Scotland Celtic 5 in the away leg.
With a record 17 goals and can not break the grid, but four games in the group stage, obviously Europe is looking at PSG with horrified eyes. Recently, the Daily Mail issued a statement about a crazy season. Powerhouses such as Real, Barca, Bayern or Juventus are down. Meanwhile, PSG or Man City are playing too sublime and promising a lot of surprises ahead.

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Last summer, Neymar made the courageous decision to leave Barca to move to PSG. Here, the Brazilian superstar is the most important factor for the French giants to raise the level. Neymar's fascination was soon materialized when Mbappe joined the Prince's Park to join Cavani in creating a trio of terrible attacks.

Neymar's ambition is very clear. He has to surpass Ronaldo and Messi to win the Golden Ball in the future. Surprisingly, that opportunity comes more often than the 25-year-old superstar calculates. PSG is on the ice in the Champions League and is receiving great praise from the professionals. After the group stage, PSG will certainly be in the group of potential candidates compete for the championship.

Champions League and World Cup 2018 is the launch pad

In contrast, Ronaldo is struggling to pull down the Real Madrid train is falling apart. Despite leading the scoring list (6), CR7 was tired of criticism from both the media and the home team itself. Messi also had problems with the lack of quality partners on the team. Currently, Leo only joined Luis Suarez in the context of Dembele injury and Iniesta is too old.
For many years now, the Champions League record has been a major influence on the results of the Golden Ball. The star of this prestigious championship team will almost certainly win the highest individual award. This would be a great motivator for Neymar to shine in PSG.

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One more advantage for Neymar in this race is the 2018 World Cup. The Brazil team is extremely stable and Neymar is the leading driver of the game. The early qualifiers, while the opponents have to battle to the final round is incontrovertible evidence.

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Meanwhile Portugal's Ronaldo is not really appreciated. Despite being a European champion, the quality of the team is quite good and CR7 will compete in the 2018 World Cup at the age of 33. Messi has more star teammates but the problem of reconciliation is still not solved. The match decided to go to Russia on Ecuador, for example, although Argentina had a very strong attack but still had to rely on a 30-year-old striker to slip through a narrow pass.

Neymar possesses the obvious opportunities to create the overthrow of history. Taking advantage of the Champions League and World Cup 2018, Brazilian superstar Ronaldo and Messi to win the 2018 Golden Ball is not far behind.

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