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Real Madrid and the crisis has not come to an end

In just three days, Real Madrid received two painful defeats against Girona, Tottenham. At the Bernabeu in the 11th round of La Liga tonight, Real Madrid ended a disappointing day in the face of Las Palmas.
Real Madrid are highly rated this season, but they are collapsing in unbelievable ways. The European Super Cup and the Spanish Super Cup are just superficial, Real Madrid has fallen to no avail.
In the 10th round of La Liga, Real Madrid lost the matchless Girona 1-2 in Catalonia. It is the game of Girona striker is quite immature in the end, if not defeat of the "White Vulture" heavier.
Peak disappointment at Wembley, when Real Madrid lost to Tottenham 1-3 and looked forward to the Champions League. It was the match Real Madrid was pressed to pitch completely, or rather Pochettino was more than Zidane in the military.
Maybe, Real Madrid sooner or later will get tickets to go to the Champions League when Dortmund are far back in the score. But the disappointment that Real Madrid left now makes it hard to imagine, when coach Zidane does not lack any star (except Bale injury, but is considered superfluous).
Coach Zidane does not blame the students for the failure and insists it is just unlucky. But with the constant misconduct, the midfield faded with the unfortunate line-up, Real Madrid are weak all positions in the team.
What makes everyone so shocked is that Real Madrid strikers scored six goals in La Liga this year (defenders and midfielders). C.Ronaldo has just scored one goal in La Liga, compared with Lionel Messi's 12th.
Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal in the loss to Tottenham and remains a Champions League record. But with the madridista, the frustration that the Portuguese star left is coming to an end, especially when Ronaldo has announced his contract extension with Real Madrid.
So many problems exist in Real Madrid and many people are thinking of a crisis. But Zidane insists the recent failures are just accidents, Real Madrid still have a long way to strive and dream to defend the championship.

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Tonight, Real Madrid welcomes opponents struggling with the relegation race Las Palmas. Las Palmas only 6 points / 10 games and compared to the strength and the star, they are far away from Real Madrid.
Coach Zidane needs a battle to get back to the players and tonight, Isco, C. Ronaldo or Benzema yearn to find the killer instinct than ever. Both Modric and Kroos need to regain inspiration for the dying midwinter of "White Vulture."
With more strength than the home advantage, three points may not be too difficult for Real Madrid, but they show how ahead of weak opponents like Las Palmas and crushed rumors of the risk of crisis, new is something the madridista cares.

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