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Ronaldo is old, Real Madrid need more "blockbuster" than ever

Ronaldo, who has only two months to turn 33, begins to go down. And what is hard to avoid, Real Madrid is also slipping in the style of CR7 Perez president has to hurry back to the habit of "burning money."

Ronaldo do not shy away from the truth

"There is no crisis, we lose three or four games but do not call it a crisis," Ronaldo told reporters after Real Madrid beat Champions League (1) in the Champions League group stage.
Real lost to either Betis or newly promoted team La Liga Girona, the failure of strong opponents such as Tottenham is not so amazing. "The white vulture" is just a shadow of his own when the line has pulled down all the fort now become blunted and worn out.
Real's face is too pale, even old, but Ronaldo still deliberately did not recognize or as a way of concealing his own downfall in the other team. Portuguese superstars are slowing down, representing Real Madrid.
Ronaldo scored in both encounters with Tottenham but not enough to say he played well. The Bernabeu's goal was a penalty, and the England goal was only a matter of taste after a string of Ronaldo strikes.
Why criticize a player scoring eight goals in 12 games? Simply that person is Ronaldo. The CR7 is half the size of Messi, and they have only compared them to one another as a measure of losers and, as a result, defending the Yellow Ball.
In La Liga, Ronaldo scored just one goal in six games. He released a total of 40 shots, equal to one-third of the team's total. (117) The explanation does not stop with the lesser side, which is attributed to the two words "down".
Real must act soon
Ronaldo is the source of Real life. He fell, probably inevitable Real affected. Last season, there was a period when CR7 was in poor form, but "Los Blancos" was headed in the right direction by coach Zidane and the side option was Morata or James.
Both Morata and James were pushed out of the Bernabeu, Bemzema and Bale exchanged injuries, and Ronaldo himself played in the first five matches (suspended for a suspended sentence), and Zidane was helpless. His overconfidence and President Perez are experiencing bitter aftertaste after a quiet summer.

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Real to correct as soon as possible, maybe next January. According to El Confidencial, the defending champion La Liga and the Champions League is expected to buy a striker and midfielder in the winter transfer window of 2018. Alexis Sanchez is the top target.
Sanchez insisted on leaving Arsenal when the contract was only extended to June 2018. In addition, Sanchez is no stranger to La Liga with three seasons (2011-2014) in Barcelona.
A major redevelopment of Real Madrid is set to take place in the summer of 2018 with the likes of Harry Kane and De Gea. But to keep their ambitions for this season, they need to act part of the plan soon.

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