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Strengths of students from the University of Melbourne, Australia

Being ranked first in Australia and the world, the University of Melbourne has a wide variety of subjects to choose from.
The University of Melbourne is considered one of the top universities in Australia, the Asia-Pacific region and globally. The school ranks 32nd worldwide, ranking seventh in the world in terms of student employment after graduation, 11th in Law, 5th in education, and 14th in accounting and finance.
Every year, the University of Melbourne welcomes outstanding students from all over the world. In 2017, nearly 400 Vietnamese students attended the school.
The courses are structured similarly to the top UK and American universities, known as the Melbourne model.
The College has six undergraduate degree programs with over 100 majors that allow students to study in depth for three years. Students are also eligible to apply for additional core courses to supplement their knowledge, skills and practical experience. After graduation, students can find jobs or pursue higher education degrees such as masters and doctoral degrees or choose to pursue research. The Melbourne model offers a comprehensive learning experience, with courses including Law, Medicine, Engineering, Architecture and Teaching.
"I was fortunate to have the opportunity to visit the University of Melbourne after graduating from high school in Vietnam, and I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the campus and the friendliness of everyone so I decided to take the throne. School to study, "said Pham Hai Nam, a graduate student in biomedical sciences (Immunology).
Graduates from Melbourne are well-groomed by more than 250 Australian and international companies and organizations. In particular, many companies in the field of consulting, technology and technology, government and industry often recruit students at the school every year.
The Melbourne Model connects students together, with the university community and the world. Students at the University of Melbourne have many opportunities to join outside organizations, through internships with businesses and communities, applied research projects and study programs in other countries. .
The College offers a wide range of career support programs to help students improve their ability to find a job, prepare a job application, job interview skills, and practice.
The University also offers a wide range of scholarships, tuition and student loans, as well as living expenses for international students. In particular, the University of Melbourne's Global Scholarship is a prestigious scholarship awarded to outstanding and most outstanding students every year.
Melbourne is one of the world's most liveable cities, able to meet the needs of everyone. With a vibrant Vietnamese student community, the campus is close to the city center.
"Studying and living in Melbourne is certainly one of my most precious experiences. I have made friends with many people from different countries and cultures, expanding my social relationships, improving my understanding. In addition, by participating in the IVSUM (Vietnamese Student Association at the University of Melbourne), I can develop my social skills. and become more confident, "said Nguyen Vinh An, a communications student.
There are more than 200 student clubs affiliated to the University of Melbourne Students' Union (UMSU), from the social, cultural, spiritual and political sectors. "I have participated in many student councils and business case studies as well as volunteered for a gardening program in the kitchen of Stephanie Alexander at Collingwood. Global management in San Francisco, "said Hoang Nam Phuong, a bachelor of Commerce.

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