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Texas shootings killed at least 26 people

A gunman at a small Baptist church in Texas, USA, on November 5, killing at least 26 people.
Texas representative Henry Cuellar confirmed the number of casualties at the first Baptist church in Sutherland Springs, where the shooting took place, 26. Among the dead were both children and a pregnant woman, according to the New York Times.

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Two law enforcement sources said gunman Devin P. Kelley, 26.
"He went in, got in, fired and ran away," said Guadalupe, northeast of Sutherland Springs, Cuellar said. According to the Texas representative, the gunman came from neighboring Comal County.
Pastor Frank Pomeroy and his wife, Sherri Pomeroy, were absent from the shooting. Their daughter is also among the victims.

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"We lost our 14-year-old daughter and so many friends," Ms. Sherri said. "We both could not return to see the painful scene."
CNN quoted a witness as saying she had heard about 20 guns rushing continuously at around 11:30 am, while the church was performing.
Carrie Matula, who worked at a gas station not far from the scene, said she heard "semi-automatic gunfire" and rushed to the church to hear the situation.
"It's a small Baptist church, an old building, I do not think they have cameras or similar high tech equipment, and I know they do not have security at the parking lot," Matula said. . "I never thought this would happen here, it had to happen in big cities, Sutherland Springs was a little community, it was unreasonable."
The gunman has died but is not known whether he killed himself or was shot down by functional forces, commissioner Wilson Albert Gamez Jr.. said.

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According to Wilson County Sheriff Joe Tackett, it is unclear what the culprit of the perpetrator is, but there are no signs that the case is linked to terrorism.
US President Donald Trump, while on an Asian tour, phoned Texas Governor Greg Abbott to update the situation. "God bless the people of Sutherland Springs, Texas." The FBI and law enforcement are on the scene, "Trump wrote on Twitter.
The president described the shootings as "horrible", and sent condolences to the families and relatives of the victims. He called on the American people to "unite" to "overcome tears and sadness".
The Texas incident came as the United States was still rocked by the shootings at the Las Vegas music festival in early October, killing 58 people. This is considered one of the most serious shootings in American history.

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