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The biggest mistake of men when sex

Finding every way to "partner" is more satisfying than sex, but many gentlemen ignore simple action to increase the satisfaction of women up to 30%: the hug when the "end "
A recent study by the Canadian Sexuality Information and Education Council and the Trojan Horse Coalition, based on a survey of 2,400 Canadians for their sexual experience, found that 71% of women feel "very comfortable" with the previous relationship when they received the intimacy and hugs of gentleman even after sex. Meanwhile, the women's group did not receive a hug at the end of the campaign, the satisfaction rate was only 41%.
Professor Robin Mihausen, an expert on sexology at the University of Guelph, said that for females, sexual intimacy is as important as having sex. After the fun, women, and even men, are affected by the "love hormone" oxytocin, which increases in frequency when it comes to pleasure, which makes them feel covetous, more affectionate.
"Women often feel vulnerable after a relationship. A few minutes of cuddling, cuddling or hugs on the bed of a male partner make them feel that they are being cared for. It's a simple thing you can do to improve the relationship, but many people ignore it, "Ms. Minhausen said. Of the 2,400 people surveyed, 17% said their sex was lacking, 36% said they only spent less than five minutes with their partner after sex. According to experts, that is not good and is a serious error of gentleman.
The study also found that intimate moments after sex did not only help women satisfy, but also make them feel happy and nodded easily when he "requires" later. According to Minhausen, these hugs have the wonderful effect of helping a woman feel happy in a relationship, watching sex is an interesting thing and wanting it more in the future.

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