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The moment he was tired of it

Do you guys always want to do sex? The truth is not so. There are times when you have no desire you need to know so do not worry that he is bored you.
1. Immediately after "alone": After a long "happy" time, the operation will become very difficult for him.
2. When his mother is in the house.
3. When you feel tired: A man will miss "love" when he is exhausted. His only wish was to fall asleep.
When eating hot, spicy foods (Indian food): It is not that he has no desire but stomachaches that make him exhausted.
5. When you have a cold: A headache, mild fever is not a problem, but flu will be a serious problem because he will not have the excitement to maintain endurance.
A man will miss his "love" when he is exhausted
6. When the "little boy" is hurt: In this case, you should not ask how it is or how he feels, just know that he is in a state of " helplessness".

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7. When two people have debated about the family of two parties: You are reminded of the strange people in his family, you want him to change but also want to do him sex. This is like you want to accelerate from 0 to 60 km / h with just one bike. The conversation about the family never gives him the inspiration to act.
8. After watching a catastrophic show: The images of a bad show (dancing girls), his "little boy" looked like a turtle shook his head.
9. When too cup: A glass of light wine, a can of beer will be the spice for hot love. However, if he is drunk, it is a serious problem with erection. At this point, it is best to let him rest instead of asking him to go to bed.

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