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The nurse gave birth to herself in a car

Abdominal labor in peak hours, so the car was not up to the hospital, Katie Michael (USA) birth in the car.
Pregnant women who do not know how they are delivering prematurely / Why are mothers often lack breastfeeding?
When there are signs of labor, Katie Michael was taken to the Pinnacle Health Hospital by her husband. A few minutes after the car had moved, Katie broke down. During peak hours, the car is not up to the hospital, Katie gave birth in the car.
Despite her first baby, she still confidently managed to deliver herself with the help of her husband. Ella Katherine Michael was born with a healthy weight of 3.4 kg. "About 25-30 minutes after the break, I knew I could not wait to go to the hospital," the young mother told Fox43.
Katie said she was not a specialist nurse, but after she successfully delivered herself, she was teased by her colleagues as a versatile nurse. She felt very lucky after her mother round the square.

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