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The scene of bloody shooting at the American church

Initial news that a former US Air Force soldier was firing at the Texas Baptist Church in the US on Nov. 5 has left more than 20 people dead and injured.
Police have identified the shooter suspect for the first Baptist church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, US Devin Patrick Kelly, 26, a former US Air Force officer. Kelly is a Bible study teacher.

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The exact death toll has not been confirmed yet, but estimates range from 20 to 28. Police officer Albert Gamez Jr. told CBS the death toll was 27, including children

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US lawmakers said Kelly, a resident of New Braunfels, a suburb of San Antonio, was wearing protective clothing and began firing at a church in Sutherlan Springs, home to about 400 people. live
Telegraph quoted witnesses as saying that the gunman had stepped inside the church and continued firing. After firing, the suspect stepped onto a car and fled. The police quickly approached and chased after the name.


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"This is a small community, a small church, a very beautiful place. You will never think of such things. I do not know what caused that guy to shoot like that, "Gamez said.
A witness at a gas station near the church said she heard dozens of gunshots blast at full speed while the church was celebrating rituals.
The shooting took place just over a month after a gunman fired a Las Vegas music festival that left 58 people dead. (Photo: Telegraph)

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