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The surrogate mother suddenly takes the baby and the baby

Being pregnant with a baby, Jessica Allen (United States) suddenly ovulate and continue to conceive.
Pregnancy when pregnant is something that few people can think of. However, this strange phenomenon happened to Jessica Allen made her fall into a bad situation bad laugh and have to fight back to the child.
According to IFL, in 2016, Jessica received a transgender pregnancy for a Chinese couple using in vitro fertilization. She knew she had two fetuses but thought they were twins. "In the sixth or seventh week of pregnancy, doctors discover new fetuses but claim that the old fetus has split in two," Jessica said.
In December 2016, Jessica gave birth to two healthy babies and quickly sent the babies to the customer.
A few weeks passed, Jessica received a picture of "twins". At this point, the Chinese woman revealed doubts about the status of one of the two children. She and her husband decided to test the DNA and discovered that the baby was Jessica's biological child.
Doctors diagnosed Jessica with superfetation, which caused the newborn to appear when she was pregnant. It is possible for women to ovulate and conceive immediately after implantation of the couple.
In mammals, if a superfetation occurs, new fetuses are more likely to die prematurely. Luckily, in the case of Jessica, the two babies were in peace.
Not only shocked Jessica and the client, the incident also led to the dispute situation. Legally, Jessica is not the mother of the child. In addition, the couple also expressed the wish to raise both children. Finally, spent 10 months negotiating, Jessica was picking her son home.

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