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Things are not revealed about "sex"

If the frequency of sex is regular, women will keep their youthful appearance.
Let's find out what little is known about sex to increase the fire of his sex life:

Left side sensitive

Some sexologists say that the left side of the clitoris makes more sense. There are now many studies conducted to demonstrate that the left side of the clitoris is more nerve conducive to more orgasms. The final result has not been determined, but why do not you try to see if that is true for you?


Many women who have problems with vaginal dryness do not like it. Lubricant is a great solution for you, with a lot of options from the type that make you feel more comfortable or have a light scent.

That makes you more attractive

When enjoying the wonderful moment beside the other half, the amount of estrogen in the women's body will increase dramatically. This helps your hair to become sleeker and younger looking. If the frequency of sex is regular, you will keep your youthful look.
"That" is the effective drug to help reduce stress. (Illustration)
"That" reduces stress
"That" is the effective drug to help reduce stress. It lowers blood pressure while boosting immune globulin A to help protect you from illnesses and infections like colds. However, you will not be interested in sex when tired, but take the time for the other half. You will feel a lot better.

It does not take as long as you think

The average "sex" is only under 10 minutes and you need good self to extend the "love". If you want to make love last longer, try focusing on techniques such as breathing control to get the results you want.

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