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Three absolutely avoid it

Try to avoid sex at the next time if you do not want to take pictures in person.

1. When you are sick

When you are sick, the body is weak and sensitive so it is easy to hurt if you try to sex.
Especially for people with high blood pressure, cardiovascular ... when the relationship will affect the central nervous system, excitement can increase blood pressure, tighten the blood vessels, easily lead to stuffing Myocardial infarction or cerebral hemorrhage.
When you are sick, the body is very weak and sensitive so it is easy to hurt if you try to sex. Illustration.

2. Heavy labor

When you have a hard time working, your body is tired, so you need a rest to recover. If you try to have sex, you may have a stroke, leading to the risk of death.

3. Drink alcohol only

If someone intends to use alcohol to increase the strength of the "sex" should be abandoned. Drinking alcohol can affect the cardiovascular system, causing blood vessels, increased blood flow, high blood pressure, easily lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
Alcohol only promote the use of stimulating part of the desire "love" if the drink is modulated with appropriate amount.

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