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Time Attendance  Form No. 01a-LDTL (issued in accordance with Circular No. 133/2016 / TT-BTC dated 26 August 2016 of the Ministry of Finance) is one of the important documents when salary for employees in enterprises . Accountant  would like to introduce the reference form readers.



Unit : ...............

Division: ............

Form No. 01a-LDTL
(Promulgated together with the Finance Ministry's Circular No. 133/2016 / TT-BTC of August 26,





First and last name

Grade of salary or position

Day in month






thirty first

Number of salaried products

Number of time salary

Number of leave, cease to enjoy 100% of salary

Number of employees, stopping employment ...% of salary

Number of social insurance benefits








thirty first
































(Signature, full name)

Head of department 
(Signature, full name)

Date ... month ... year ... 
(Sign, full name)

Timekeeping sign:

- Salary:


- Vacation:


- Time wages:


- Conference, study:


- Sickness, nursing:


- Compensatory leave:


- I am sick:


- Unpaid leave:


- Maternity:


- Stop working:


- Accident:


- Labor obligation:




 The time sheet is used to track the actual working day, work leave, social security leave, etc., for the purpose of calculating payroll, social insurance payment for each employee and labor management in the unit. .

Method and responsibility record

Each section (department, department, group, ...) must make a time sheet.

Column A, B: List the number, name and surname of each person in the department.

Column C: Reward salary grade or rank of each person.

Columns 1-31: Write the dates in the month (From the 1st to the last day of the month).

Column 32: Write the total salaries of each person in the month.

Column 33: Write the total number of salaries paid per person in the month.

Column 34: Write the total number of dismissals and cease to receive 100% of the salary per person during the month.

Column 35: Write the total number of dismissals and cease the enjoyment of% wages of each person in the month.

Column 36: Write the total number of public social insurance benefits for each person in the month.

Every day, the head of a ward, the ward, the group, etc., or the authorized person based on the actual situation of his / her department to work for each person in the day, Column 1 to Column 31 according to the symbols prescribed in the vouchers.

At the end of the month, the timekeeper and the person in charge of the department sign the time sheet and transfer the time sheet together with the relevant documents such as the certificate of leave to enjoy social insurance, unplanned leave ... The accounting department shall check and compare with the public for salary calculation and social insurance. Payroll accounting is based on the timekeeping symbols of each person to calculate the number of working days in each corresponding category for columns 32, 33, 34, 35.

The workday is set at 8 hours. When the time is calculated, if the time is odd, record the odd number next to the number and mark the comma in the middle.

For example: 22 public 4 hours record 22.4


Attendance records are kept at the department (board, team, ...) and related documents.

Timekeeping method

 Depending on the working conditions and the level of accounting at the unit, one of the following timekeeping methods:

- Day Attendance: Each time a worker works at the unit or performs other tasks such as meetings, meetings, ..., one day is used to mark the day.

Notes 2 cases:

+ If during the day, laborers do 2 different work time, the timekeeping is done according to the sign of the job that takes the most time. For example, employee A on the 5-hour day payroll for a 3-hour period, the whole day of the "H" meeting.


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+ If the laborer has two equal working days, the time of work shall follow the sign of the preceding work.

- Hourly clocking:

During the day the laborers do a lot of work, the timekeeping must be done according to the prescribed signs and the number of working hours must be recorded along with the corresponding sign.

- Compensation: Compensation is only applicable in the case of overtime work but not paid for overtime pay, so when the employee is compensated, the "NB" is calculated and the time paid is calculated.

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