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Top 10 best foods for diabetics

Nutrition experts recommend eating low carb foods to maintain a stable blood glucose level. For diabetics, single-dose sugar and starch control may be vital.
Patients with diabetes risk 2 to 4 times more risk of dying from heart disease or stroke. For those who do not control the condition, the risk of health problems such as cardiovascular disorders, neurological damage, and kidney disease will increase threefold.

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The best way for you to take care of yourself and control your condition is to eat foods that are suitable for people with diabetes. These foods contain less carbs, less sugar and also help control blood sugar.

Foods rich in vitamins and essential antioxidants have anti-inflammatory and energy effects. Here are some of the best foods for diabetics.

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1. Quinoa: Quinoa is a cereal rich in fiber and protein, which is a smart choice for people with diabetes. Combination of fiber and protein will help you control your blood sugar better.

2. 100% whole wheat bread: whole wheat bread contains complex carbohydrates, rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber that help control blood sugar.
Beans: Beans rich in vegetable proteins and soluble fiber make you feel full longer and help control blood sugar. This is one of the best foods for diabetics.
Lentils: Lentils have high starch resistance, which is a carb that has a minimal effect on blood sugar. Lentils also help improve digestion.
Wild salmon: Salmon is a good source of protein, does not raise blood sugar levels and reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

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Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt rich in protein and low in carbohydrates helps control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.
Spinach: Lentils that contain lutein are essential nutrients to keep your eyes healthy. This is necessary for people with diabetes because they are at higher risk of eye disease than people without diabetes. This is one of the best foods for diabetics.
Berries: Berries have low glycemic indexes and are considered foods that help control diabetes. Berries are low in sugar and rich in fiber, which helps to increase blood glucose levels.
9. Cauliflower: This is a vegetable that contains sulforaphane that reduces oxidative stress and related diabetic complications.
10. Flax Seeds: When eating salad, soup or pasta, adding 1 tablespoon of flaxseed will be good for diabetics. Flax seeds contain lignans and fiber that helps maintain blood sugar levels. This is one of the best foods for diabetes.
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