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Transfer MU: Zidane resent Kroos sell, Mourinho happy

Spanish coach Zidane wants to perform a major surgery at Real Madrid and Toni Kroos is on the loose list.
Real Madrid are in crisis when repeatedly receiving shameful defeats. In La Liga, they failed to qualify for the first leg against Tottenham in the Champions League.
Coach Zidane must get a lot of pressure on the poor play that Real show. Thus, the French strategist wanted to make big changes at the Bernabeu. According to Diario Gol, there will be more stars to leave the Royal team in the coming time.
Most shocking on the list that Diario Gol has is Toni Kroos (in addition to Modric, Casemiro, Marcelo and Theo Hernandez). The German midfielder has been a very important link to the success of Real Madrid over the years. However, coach Zidane wants to find a new face more ambitious fight.

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This is a very good news for MU. For a long time, coach Mourinho has always admired the talent of Kroos. Last summer, United did little more than use the German midfielder to pressure back when President Perez relentlessly solicited De Gea.
Kroos is a midfield form that MU is lacking. This star is really the boss in the midfield with the ability to control the game, organize attacks, long passes and shoots very well. With such a comprehensive midfield, coach Mourinho will solve many problems at the same time.
In case Real Madrid wants to sell, everything becomes extremely simple. United need to put up a negotiating table of £ 60m and £ 250,000 a week to win the race.

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