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Trump wants the US to spend $ 4bn on Korean missiles

President Trump suggested the US Congress pass an additional $ 4 billion in defense spending against the threat from North Korea.
The United States may have changed the name of the Asia-Pacific / Trump warning of strategic impasse with North Korea.
This request aims to support efforts to detect, intercept and defend against all North Korean ballistic missiles aimed at the US, overseas US forces, allies and partners, "US President Donald Trump writes. in a letter to Congress on Nov. 6, according to Reuters.
Mr Trump suggested Congress approve an additional $ 4 billion for the missile shield. The proposal was made shortly before his visit to Korea, the next stop, after Japan, during his trip to Asia from Nov. 3-14.
US Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain and House Speaker of the US House of Representatives Mac Thornberry applauded President Trump's offer, saying they would "carefully consider the request." Initially, President Trump demanded $ 9.9 billion for missile shields in 2018, but many US senators said the number was too low.
Members of the US military committee are drafting a complete version of the National Defense Authorization Bill (NDAA), a policy document for the Pentagon. McCain and Thornberry said President Trump made the proposal before the NDAA was completed, allowing MPs to consider putting this additional expense into the bill.
"Trump's request emphasizes the threat from North Korea and the urgent need to strengthen its missile defense capabilities," McCain and Thornberry said in a joint statement.

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