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Trump warns North Korea Do not challenge us

President Trump said North Korea "does not despise or defy", saying Washington would defend itself and protect its ally against Pyongyang.
CEO Waymo John Krafcik announced at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal that Waymo's self-drive car was ready to run on the street without a supervisor. The company also shares some details about the expansion of the pilot program on the blog. Even though both CEOs and representatives of Waymo do not say exactly why the company is confident that their vehicles will be able to drive themselves completely, Waymo seems to have reached level 4, meaning that the car itself Treat all situations without human intervention. Most other companies are doing self-driving test at level 3, still need a manager in many situations.
Waymo's full-auto pilot will begin in Phoenix, Arizona. A limited number of Chrysler Pacifica vehicles have been tested without a driver in the designated area and are expected to expand the program to more vehicles in areas larger than 1,500ha over time.
Waymo has released a clip of the Pacifica full-on-the-road self-propelled vehicle, demonstrating the ability to handle a variety of traffic situations such as stopping pedestrians on the road and signaling lights, turning ... Waymo's Statement An important milestone in the development of self-drive vehicles. Until now, this type of car often have to ask the driver to track the journey and control when the problem does not handle itself. It is regulated by the local authorities, but with the development of technology, the rules also change.
"Today, I hope I speak not only for our two countries, but for all civilized nations." I want to tell the North Koreans not to belittle and challenge us, "Reuters quoted US President Donald. Trump told the South Korean parliament today.
Trump warns the United States "will not be threatened", urging nations around the world to isolate the North by stopping it "receiving support, supplies in all its forms." "We will not let the American cities be threatened with destruction," Trump said.
In a message described as being sent directly to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Trump said that the weapons the North Koreans possessed did not keep them safe, only putting them in great danger.

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The speech was made after Mr. Trump had to visit the demilitarized zone (DMZ), the border between Korea and Korea, because of fog. Sarah Sanders, the White House spokesman, described Mr Trump as frustrated when unable to reach the DMZ.
At a press conference with his South Korean counterpart Moon Jae-in yesterday, Trump calmed his tone toward Korea. "North Korea is at the negotiating table, it is a good deal for the Koreans and the world," he said.
Mr Trump is on his first trip to Asia from November 3 to 14. He arrived in South Korea on Nov. 7, visiting the country for two days. South Korea is the second stop in Asia, after Japan.
President Trump will leave Korea today to Beijing, China. He is expected to call on Beijing to take more action to contain Pyongyang when it meets President Xi Jinping.

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