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VietNam - Australia partnership for innovation

With Australia's Aus4Innovation program, Australia will contribute $ 10 million to Vietnam's innovative activities.
On November 8th, in Da Nang, the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFA) jointly organized a demonstration event on innovation during APEC 2017, Australia-Vietnam Innovation Partnership Program (Aus4Innovation).
Australia and Vietnam declared innovation as a new pillar in the strategic partnership between the two countries, contributing to the strengthening of bilateral relations. The Minister for Science and Technology and the Australian Ambassador to Vietnam will co-chair this innovative partnership program.
Minister Chu Ngoc Anh said that in 2013, the two Governments have signed the Agreement on Science and Technology Cooperation with four Priority areas include agriculture, health, environment and marine research.
With Australia's Aus4Innovation program, Australia will provide $ 10 million in support for targeted activities aimed at boosting Vietnam's potential and enhancing its innovation system.
"The program will help key Vietnamese sectors modernize and grasp economic benefits while securing employment opportunities for future workforce, especially in the context of the public revolution. "said Minister Chu Ngoc Anh.
Julia Bishop, Australia's Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, is reporting that the first activity within Aus4Innovation is to bring Australian experts, through Research Network No. 61 of the Organization for Scientific and Technological Research (CSIRO) to work with the Government of Vietnam to design a road map for the digital future.
"In the age of information technology and science and technology development, we see that predicting the future is very difficult," said Julia Bishop. Therefore, we see that supporting Vietnam to focus on innovation is central to dealing with the unpredictable. "
Visiting the Creative Innovation show, Julia Bishop said she was impressed with the results Vietnam has made in the context of the project funded. That is the premise for the Aus4Innovation Program to achieve success.

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