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What should I take with my vaginal dry?

What is the vaginal dryness? TS-BS Ray Kim said that in addition to eating healthy, exercise regularly, you should use the product to burn fresh air to maintain beauty from the inside.

Secret to help the woman outside beautiful, smooth inside

With 30 years experience working with a lot of contributions and great achievements for the general aesthetic and laser treatment specialty, non-invasive aesthetic in particular, Dr Ray Kim is always welcome to work. at many famous hospitals and institutes in the world. Shira Clinic & Spa of Vietnam honored to receive your cooperation agreement officially from 26/04/2017.
Beauty is the story forever and never reduce the attraction to the sisters. However, beautiful from the outside, beautiful to satisfy the view is not still not enough, beautiful is to be charming outside, smooth inside. To warm up this topic, 7/11, Dat Viet Newspaper held online meeting with TS.BS Ray Kim (Kim Hye Kyung) - Korea's top non-invasive aesthetic, currently Working directly at Shira Spa & Clinic with the theme "Secrets to keep youth".
"I think the beauty of the outside is very important, but the beauty from the inside is something that you have to keep in mind," Ray Kim said. But to be able to hold on to the happiness of the family, to make her husband tired, she needs to take care of her own health. In addition to beautiful, in the smooth, vaginal drought-free, love the new perfect husband, so, sisters to maintain family happiness as well as success in work.
Therefore, receiving an invitation to participate in exchanges with Dat Viet Newspaper, she wishes to share with her some experience as well as her knowledge in the process of working in Vietnam to be able to help her. Maintain your health as well as your own happiness.

What is the vaginal dryness? and advice from BS, Expert from Korea.

"Talking about health is pretty broad. So I would just like to share my experience, my knowledge of the 'closed area' such as pain in the relationship, vaginal dryness ... because this is one of the factors that directly affect to the happiness of the woman, "the expert said.
She said that when the symptoms of vaginal dryness, water shortage, pain in the relationship ... will cause women to have a lot of troubles and troubles not only in work but also in the whole family, Husband also affected more or less.
According to Dr. Ray Kim, in Vietnam this phenomenon is very common, especially for postpartum women or work in stressful environment, high pressure can lead to these diseases. But Korean women live in different environments, weather and habits, so the cause of vaginal dryness is different.
"However, although the cause is different, but I have thoroughly studied about the product of Christmas fire and know that this product has been researched, produced in accordance with the site, characteristics of Asian women East. This product not only helps women improve inside, but also can help women improve the skin, beautiful hair more, "said a top Korean beauty expert.

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Give advice on the question of vaginal dryness should take medication so that it can be prevented, treated promptly when the symptoms of diarrhea, hot flushed according to her: "We need a diet Healthy eating, meals should eat a lot of green beans, they are good for hormonal balance, good for the body, and should eat clean food, exercise regularly. Besides, we can combine with the use of products to help maintain healthy, youthful youth.
Appreciating Ray Kung Tan's product, Ray Kim said she will introduce herbal medicine, 100% herbs from nature to her clients, sisters suffering drought When the relationship should use Christmas fire to improve health, physiology.
"You want to be more beautiful to the Spa where she works, it is Shira Spa & Clinic. And if you want to take care of all the beauty from the inside out, you can use the product Christmas Fire Tan to become more attractive, and can maintain the happiness of the family. Ray Kim happily shared.

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