Ariana Grande Responds to Criticism Over Her Recent Voice Change

Ariana Grande has addressed the criticism she received after seemingly changing her voice following her role as Glinda in the upcoming film sinister movie.

Talk to Evan Ross Katz on Podcast Shut Up Evan, Grande opens up about the criticism she received about her vocal changes and the unfair standards between men and women who have undergone similar changes.

“I spent a lot of time playing a character every day,” Grande noted.[I trained] my voice to do various things for a long time before leaving for London and before any of this; the muscle memory is real.”

According to Grande, the commentary between men and women will be different when they take on transformative roles, such as Glinda the Good in the upcoming film Wicked.

“I mean, you see male actors, sure people joke here and there, but it’s always after the fact, ‘Oh wow, how dedicated he is to his craft! What a great transformation! He’s such a great actor!'” Grande pointed out. “But then, like, God forbid I sneeze like Glinda or something, [then] I’m just crazy… it’s the weirdest thing.”

The “Supernatural” singer began receiving criticism when she appeared on Penn Badgley’s podcast, Pod Crushed. In one clip is going viralGrande switches from a deep to a high tone when talking about her music.

When a fan criticized her voice change, Grande responded in self-defense.

“I intentionally change the vocal placement (high/low) depending on how much vocal I have… I always do that BAD,” Grande confirmed.

Ariana Grande responded to the viral video, pointing out that her tone completely changed midway through the interview.

“Habit (speaking like this for two years) and also voice health 🙂 🍵 I intentionally change the position of my voice (high/low) depending on the level of singing…

— Entertainment Tonight (@etnow) June 18, 2024

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Grande’s singing voice used to be quite different from her deeper speaking voice. When Grande played Glinda, who speaks in a higher voice, for two years while filming Wicked in the UK, she seemed to have grown accustomed to speaking in the same range.

Kristin Chenoweth, who originated the role of Glinda on Broadway, was one of Grande’s childhood idols. Many people don’t know that Grande saw the original Broadway production of Wicked when Chenoweth and Idina Menzel were still playing Glinda and Elphaba. Since then, Chenoweth and Grande have developed a close friendship.

Speaking with Us Weekly, Chenoweth shared her three-word advice to Grande after she reached out to her after being cast in the film.

“[I told her]’You do it. Do your Glinda. I do mine. Now it’s your turn,'” Chenoweth told the outlet. “And I hope that gave her freedom.”

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