Gucci Mane’s $2m contract mocked for being cursed: ‘Death or jail’

Gucci Mane and wife Keyshia Ka’oir have revealed their latest project, the creation of the record label So Icy Millionaires.

The pair are shaking things up by offering a $2 million deal to one male and one female artist to catapult them to stardom.

According to Allhiphop, on July 4, Mane and Ka’oir introduced stacks of $100,000 in cash through a social media video designed to attract aspiring talent to their new record label.

The “Wake Up In the Sky” rapper said, “I have a million dollars plus some other things that I’m still figuring out for female artists. That’s the money I’m willing to invest in my next superstar because I’m starting a brand new, fresh record label; So Icy Millionaires. So, who wants to join my new record label because I’m looking for my next male superstar.”

Ka’oir agreed with her husband, saying, “I got a million dollars plus some more that I’m still counting for the next female artist.”

There’s a growing belief online that there’s a curse surrounding Gucci Mane’s current record label, 1017 Records. Recent reports have revealed the tragic passing of Atlanta rapper Enchanting, marking the seventh artist signed to him to suffer tragedy.

She tragically passed away in June 2024 from a drug overdose, which eventually led to her being placed on life support. Enchanting, a 26-year-old artist known as Channing Nicole Larry, was signed to Gucci Records.

Who wants to be next? #IceMillionaire

— Gucci Mane (@gucci1017) July 5, 2024

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Social media users mocked Mane’s announcement in a thread on Reddit.

“If you sign, you’re dead or in jail,” said one Reddit user, while another replied, “He accepted that 1017 is cursed.”

A third wrote, “Damn Gucci for not caring about their artists like that.”

“He’s basically asking who wants to be Un-Alived,” another commenter said.

“He can change Ts all he wants; no one wants to sign him,” said another user, while a sixth wrote, “I’d rather sign Birdman. I just have to worry about him not paying me. But I’ll still live.”

The journeys of the artists on 1017 Records are marked by unfortunate encounters not only with death but also with the prison system, illustrating a recurring pattern rather than mere coincidence or correlation.

In the podcast “Frosty Riches,” Mane and Ka’oir aim to forge a new path and overcome the challenges that have haunted 1017 Records. Opening the podcast boldly, Ka’oir confronts Mane directly, asking, “Why do all your 1017 artists keep going to jail?”

The “Big Booty” rapper responded, “I’m one of those artists. I’m always in and out of jail. I try to help artists that I feel a lot like.” He added, “But I feel like if I don’t help them, who’s going to help them? Nobody’s talking about that part of the story.”

Among the 1017 artists currently in prison are Pooh Shiesty, Foogiano, Ralo and Hoodrich Pablo Juan.

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