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Kayise Ngqula, born in East London on 13 May 1991, is a very popular and beloved South African television personality.

She gained great attention and fame after the show “Our Perfect Wedding”.

She is an actress and also a television presenter.

South African actress

Kayise Ngqula
Kayise Ngqula: History, Biography, Photos
Wiki Events & About Data
First and last name: Kayise Nolufefe Ngqula
Stage Name: Kayise Ngqula
Born: May 13, 1991 (age 33)
Place of birth: East London
Nationality: South Africa
Parents: Do not have
Children: Do not have
Height: Do not have
Siblings: Do not have
Boyfriend • Husband: Farai Sibandi (married 2018-2019)
Job: Actress • Television Personality
Net asset value: $550,000

Early life

Kayise Ngqula was born in East London and grew up in the same environment with her siblings.

Born on 13 May 1991, she moved her residence to Pretoria when she turned 10 years old.

Her mother was a great inspiration and encouraged her throughout her early years.

Kayise Ngqula says she learned most of what made her successful from her mother.


Kayise Ngqula attended Glenn High School in Pretoria and graduated in 2008. It is not known whether she furthered her education after that.


Kayise Ngqula started her acting career by playing Portia in Mina Nawe. In the SAC1 television series. Soon after, she was able to take on another on-screen role in It’s Complicated. Finally, in the show Mzansi Magic, she guest starred as a journalist.

Noted for her excellence in every appearance, she became the host of the Mzansi Magic show, Our Perfect Wedding. However, she left the role to join Nomsa Buthelezi after a fruitful ten weeks of hosting Our Perfect Wedding.

Her decision to leave the first show for the second has led many to speculate about the real reason for her actions. Some have even concluded that she was fired.

Kayise Ngqula appeared again as Zandile’s sister in the SABC1 drama series, Skeem Saam in Season 8, Episode 61. In the 1Magic drama series titled iThemba, she was cast as a sister wife. She made her first appearance in the series on 5 October 2019.

She has also acted in Housekeepers. Although she first appeared in the season 2 premiere, she played the role of Beauty in the Mzansi Magic television series.

Kayise Ngqula is also the host of Bring Back My Smile, a reality television show by Moja Love that premiered in December 2020. Shortly after this role, she landed another regular role in the BET Africa telenovela, Isono, where she played Nelisile. On January 19, 2021, she made her first appearance in the series.

Personal life

Kayise Ngqula married the love of her life, Farai Sibandi, in August 2018. They lived happily but only for a short time.

In July the following year (2019), she lost her husband in a traffic accident on Sandton Road. Since then, she has not found a new boyfriend.

Social Media

Kayise Ngqula is active on social media with a large following. She has a verified account on Instagram with over 313k followers.

She is known for posting pictures of herself, her family and occasional activities. From one of her posts on Instagram, Kayise Ngqula was found to be a mother of one. Instagram: @kayise_ngqula.

Net asset value

Kayise Ngqula is a famous woman who is loved by her fans. This has brought her a lot of income as it makes her sought after in the industry.

For this reason, Kayise Ngqula is believed to have a net worth of over $550,000.

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