Kelsea Ballerini reveals what she asks for backstage at every concert

Kelsea Ballerini is one of the most sought after artists in country music, which is why she consistently sells out venues every time she performs on tour. Now, the singer reveals some of the things she requires backstage to make her show a success.

Continue talking A taste of country nights with Evan PaulThe musician gave an insight into her touring life by sharing what she wants to see backstage every time she performs a series of concerts.

First, the female singer said she wanted to have some open space before going on stage. She then revealed that she eats Chomps, which is 100% grass-fed meat.

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“They’re like Slim-Jim boujie. They’re delicious. And they’re fast protein. Put them in your bag and in your purse. I can eat four a week,” she says.

She then looked back on her early days of touring, saying that in the past, she would have a shot of tequila with her band before going on stage, but things are different today.

“I have tea, honey, steamer and warm water. So it’s not as sexy as before. But I take better care of myself so that’s good,” she added.

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In other updates on the singer, the songwriter renewed her contract with Black River Entertainment earlier this year. Even though she became famous in 2023, she still chose to work with an independent label because they always handled her music after being signed to them for 10 years.

“They never wavered in respecting my vision as an artist, giving me the freedom to create and push boundaries. We shared victories and successes,” she said. like family and our extension agreement reflects that.”

Following her divorce last year, Ballerini released an EP titled Roll up the welcome mat. Chances are the singer will releases a new album later this year, as she told People magazine that half of her project has been mixed while the other half is perfecting the vocals.

“We’re really almost done. And the first single is almost out,” she teased.

Regarding its sound, the musician said she was nervous to continue the previous EP because it changed her life and career, but her new album will contain songs inspired by adult life of her while still feeling like a child.

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