Meet Tania Kratt, Chris Kratt’s Wife! Her Bio, Age, Career, IG

You may have seen Chris Kratt on PBS educational shows like Kratts’ Creatures, Be the Creature, and Wild Kratts. He’s always introducing us to different animals, some of which may even haunt us in our dreams. But how much do you know about Chris’s love life? Especially about his wife, Tania Kratt.

Well, if you are new to this name, keep reading this bio to learn all about her age, work, and IG

Meet Tania Kratt, Chris Kratt’s wife

Tania Kratt married the love of her life, Chris Kratt, on September 23, 2000, in Botswana, South Africa. That’s right, these Americans traveled all the way to the corner of South Africa to exchange their vows surrounded by Elephants. This can only mean that Tania shares her husband’s passion for adventure.

However, you should know that Chris was not Tania’s first husband. She was reportedly previously married to Craig Armstrong (now deceased) and had two children with him — Aidan and Nolan Armstrong.

The kids also care about animals and often volunteer with their stepdad. Here is a photo of the two angels celebrating Aidan’s birthday (August 29, 2013).

Tania’s husband, Chris Kratt, grew up in suburban New Jersey with his brother Martin watching nature shows on television. However, there were no wildlife shows specifically for children at the time. And it was then that they decided to create a show that would share “adventures with kids and introduce them to all these amazing animals” and perhaps also have an impact on saving endangered species.

So after Chris graduated from Carleton College with a degree in biology, the brothers set out to develop a wildlife television show. However, they initially received little interest, with many executives at television networks even dismissing their work as “cute” or “frivolous.”

But in 1993, Leo Eaton, then vice president of production at Maryland Public Television, asked to meet with them after he got tired of hearing his son say how great the demo the brothers sent in was. And voila! The brothers then started their first show, Kratts’ Creatures.

Tania Kratt’s age

Tania Kratt was born in July 1968. That means she is 54 years old in 2022.

She is exactly one year older than her husband, Chris Kratt, who was born on July 19, 1969.

Yes, they have the same birth month and probably the same zodiac sign.

Tania Kratt’s work

Tania Kratt is an interior designer who owns the eponymous furniture brand, where she “listens closely to her clients’ needs and provides them with sustainable, stylish, and functional design.”

To date, she has worked for Canadian House & Home as an “Online Design Editor” and “Ask the Designer” Online Design Expert from 1998 to 2006, for private residential, retail and commercial architectural interior design in Montreal, Stowe, Vermont, Toronto, New York City, Los Angeles and for Montauk Sofa, where she co-designed showrooms in Toronto, Washington DC, Chicago, New York and Vancouver.

Her design of PLATE restaurant (Stowe, VT) was also accepted into the International Restaurant and Bar Design Awards (2014).

So what makes her unique? According to Tania, her work starts with a plan and questions—How will you use the space? How does the space need to function? What do you want it to look like? What feelings do you want to achieve or evoke in the space? How can you make your new space healthy, safe, and environmentally friendly?

Tania then develops a plan that fits the client’s needs. In addition, she looks for any ideas her client has and creates a detailed floor plan, furniture plan, sample boards, lighting plan, and painting and finishing schedule so nothing goes wrong.

The designer added that Tania provided drawings and elevation images so that clients could easily visualize their new space.

One happy client shared, “We worked with Tania to renovate our home. She was wonderful to work with! She understood what we were trying to do, gave us great options regarding many rooms, and what she created for us in the end exceeded our expectations!”

Overall, Tania is a creative and talented professional. With her incredible eye for detail, she has attracted a wide range of clients.

Is Tania Kratt on IG and Facebook?

Yes, as of July 2022, find Tania on Instagram @taniakratt with 1.7k followers. Most of her posts after that are Architecture and Interior Design.

Also find her on Facebook @taniakrattarchitectureanddesign and on Twitter @TaniaKratt.

Related FAQs

  • What is Tania Kratt’s maiden name?

Tania Kratt’s maiden name is “Armstrong”.

We don’t know much about her family except that her beloved grandfather, Bill, turned 90 in June 2018.

  • Where is Tania Kratt from?

Tania has not disclosed her hometown. But as of 2022, she resides in Elmore, a town in Lamoille County, Vermont, United States.

  • Does Tania appear in Wild Kratts?

Yes, Tania has appeared in several episodes of Wild Kratts as Chris’ girlfriend.

As for her husband, Chris has appeared in over 151 Wild Kratts episodes. He previously appeared in Be the Creature (2004-2005), Kratt Brothers: Be the Creature (2003-2004), Zoboomafoo (1999) and Kratts’ Creatures (1996).

You might be surprised, but he also played “Isaac Binderson” in the video game The Henry Stickmin Collection and “Chris Batt” in the cartoon Nature Cat.

The animal expert was also invited to STEM 30 (2021), Today (2009-2017), and The Ellen DeGeneres Show (2005).

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