Philadelphia Wedding Band Drops Jelly Roll Trademark Lawsuit: Report

Billboard reports that Philadelphia wedding band Jellyroll has voluntarily dropped its trademark lawsuit against Grammy-nominated singer Jelly Roll.

Jelly Roll, whose real name is Jason DeFord, has been accused of trademark infringement by Jellyroll, a popular Philadelphia wedding band. The band’s frontman, Kurt Titchenell, claims that they have used the name for decades and have even been described by the Philadelphia Inquirer as “Philly’s favorite wedding band.”

The article reported that on July 9, 2024, Titchenell agreed to permanently drop his lawsuit, saying he had “settled” in an “amicable agreement” with DeFord.

“We look forward to continuing to use the Jellyroll Band name for our party band business,” he said in a statement to the publication.

As of this writing, the settlement Titchenell disclosed has not been released to the media. Notably, Titchenell unilaterally dismissed the lawsuit and it was not even signed by DeFord’s legal team. DeFord has yet to settle his recent lawsuit.

According to court documents obtained by People magazine in April 2024, Titchenell is asking Jelly Roll to stop using his name. Titchenell claims that he has used the name since 1980, obtained a trademark in 2010, and renewed the paperwork for the name in 2019.

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Jellyroll claims to have performed under this name since 1980, twice at the White House with former President George W. Bush and his family.

In his complaint, Titchenell claims that “prior to Defendant’s recent rise to fame, a search for the name Jellyroll on most search engines, especially Google, returned results for Plaintiff’s name.”

DeFord was born in 1984 and began making music in the 2000s before adopting his stage name in 2010.

“Now, any such Google search returns multiple references to Defendants, perhaps as many as 18-20 references before any reference to Plaintiffs’ dance entertainment band called Jellyroll® can be found,” Titchenell’s legal team said. “Multiple conversations took place and at one point Defendants’ counsel asked whether Defendants were in fact competing with Plaintiffs.”

Jelly Roll’s popularity has skyrocketed since he burst onto the country music scene in 2023.

He won three awards at the 2024 CMT Music Awards, becoming the most awarded artist for two consecutive years as he also won three awards at the 2023 ceremony.

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