Who is Mike Benko? His Age, Net Worth, Benko Gray Husband

Magnolia Network’s latest innovation series Happy to be at home with Benkos drops April 9, 2023. And so it introduced viewers to photographer-turned-interior designer Gray Benko and her handyman husband Mike Benko. People just love to see them bring color and happiness to historic homes in the South Carolina Lowcountry.

In this article, let us tell you who the photographer turned husband of interior designer Mike Benko is.

Magnolia Network Happy to be at home with Benkos: Meet Mike Benko, Gray Benko’s Husband

On June 1, 2022, Happy to be at home with BenkosGray Benko’s and husband Mike Benko celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary. “I love this photo as awkward hot mess as we are,” Gray took to her IG @graybenko, a photo of them and next to it wrote this and a bunch of stuff . Gray shared that even though they went through many difficult years together, they still held on tight and overcame it. As a result, she says their relationship is much stronger today not despite but because of all the struggle, tears and determination. “Happy 14th wedding anniversary to my one and only. I love you to the moon and back @benkoman! I am so proud of your authentic genuine spirit and I am so blessed to call you mine ❤️,” she then wrote this signing statement.

Previously, on May 31, 2021, when they also celebrated Gray’s birthday, it was Mike’s turn to say “Happiest birthday and 13th wedding anniversary to this wonderful woman… wife of I, I love you so much and I am the luckiest person 🙂 ”.

A year ago, in January 2020, when Mike developed sepsis in his knee joint, which spread to MRSA in his blood, he had surgery to clear his knee and was on a continuous infusion of Vancomycin to fight the MRSA infection. And even then, he made sure to give a shout out to his wife for never leaving his side and always unapologetically helping him.

And because Mike also has diabetes, having a wife like her must have also helped him maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Gray And Mike Benko Children

Gray and Mike Benko share two adorable children.

Back to February 2018, when Gray Benko invited MOM magazine about her happy Southern home, eight-year-old daughter Farris and five-year-old son Charlie.

On August 25, 2022, the first day Charlie turned 10, Gray wrote in a social media post that now that she no longer has any children in the single digits, she may be encounter an existential crisis. After that, she teased everyone and told her husband all the reasons why he should let her have more children.

Likewise, on September 27, 2021, when Farris turned 12, Gray told people online that there are many things that she loves about her.

Furthermore, on August 19, 2022, Charlie had his first day of school in 4th grade and Farris in 7th grade. Gray was happy that they both returned home with bright smiles on their faces.

Mike Benko Age

Mike Benko, full name Michael J Benko, was born in 1973. Thus, he will turn 49 years old in 2022.

Mike Benko’s career

Mike Benko started his career selling pagers. Even with that job, he still ended up being the #1 sales manager in the country. The next decade, he won the President’s Club Award at GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals. Then, when he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, he left GSK for the opportunity to work at Novo Nordisk and continued “a consistent, concurrent streak of wins and advancements” over the next six years. Next stop is Parallel diabetes care, which he says changed his life as a person with diabetes. He served as sales manager of Tandem since 2016 and continued to grow revenue exponentially, that is until his position was cut in June 2020 due to Covid cuts.

Fortunately, Benko Medical happened afterward. Here, he stated that with their signature product, the patented EZ-USE Level 1-3 Reusable Isolation Gown, they aim to help the healthcare community be safe, ready, compliant, save time, save money and reduce their impact on the environment.

What is Mike Benko’s net worth?

Mike Benko is said to have a net worth of $1.5 million plus as of April 2023.

Today, in addition to undertaking work as Chairman at Benko MedicalMike has also continued to oversee Neuromodulation/Spinal Cord at Medtronic. This is a job he has been involved in since at least May 2022.

Mike Benko’s family

Mike Benko’s father is no more. He passed away in 2001 and remembering him about 21 years later, on May 8, 2022, his only sister Mary Ann Cheryl Benko took to her social media to tell everyone that he lived life with more passion and enthusiasm than an army of people, how he walked into a room and was like a flute player with an energy that touched everyone’s soul, etc.

Another known member of Mike’s family is his brother Zac Benko. On his Facebook, Zac also mentioned being in a relationship with Breanna Aubrey. Zac, AKA Zachary A Benko, turns 37 in March 2023.

Additionally, on their show on the Magnolia Network, viewers also enjoy seeing family dynamics including Gray’s parents as well as Mike’s in-laws Grumpy and Mary. Both work at Highsmith Construction.

Of course there’s also Catherine Highsmith Deutsch, Mike’s sister-in-law. A resident of Charlotte, North Carolina, Catherine is married to Stephen Deutsch.

Mike Benko’s height

Mike Benko has a height of over 5’11”.

Related FAQs

  • Is Mike Benko on Instagram and Facebook?

Correct. Mike Benko can be found on Instagram and Facebook. As of April 17, 2023, there were 570 followers and 249 posts on his IG @benkoman. And he occasionally posts glimpses of his life on Facebook.

  • When is Mike Benko’s birthday?

Mike Benko’s birthday is on December 20 and that makes him a Sagittarius.

  • Where does Mike Benko come from?

Mike Benko is originally from Windber, Pennsylvania. However, as of 2023, he is based in Charleston, South Carolina.

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