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The Voice star Alexa Wildish’s Top 36 performance impressed the judges and viewers at home. Fans are eager to learn more about the female singer. Who are her father and mother? Does she have a boyfriend? How tall is she?

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Alexa Wildish on The Voice 2023

Alexa Wildish during The Voice 2023 audition sang Lark. In Top 56, Alexa performed Songbird. During the round, Alexa sang Everything I Wanted as she competed against Lvndr.

Then, during the Top 36 playoffs, Alexa sang Trust and won against Julia Roone and Lennon VanerDoes. Alexa was part of the final group of contestants to take the singing competition stage on (November 14). As for her song choice, she decided to put her own stamp on none other than Cher’s “Believe.”

Her rendition of a timeless song, Alexa, earned her a spot in the playoffs. According to her coach Niall Horan, “she is a one in a million talent,” which is why he chose Wildish over VanderDoes and Roome.

Many people forgot about the real singer when Alexa brought her version of Cher to the Knockouts stage. Thanks to her “miraculous” performance, she advanced to the knockout round. While Alexa hopes to win The Voice in 2023, she’s already winning competitions.

Alexa’s wild career

Alexa Wildish’s website describes her as someone who sings as if reading aloud from her diary and has a voice as perfect as a mountain stream. She’s been traveling around the Western states in a van for the past year, singing her songs as she goes. This is how she pursues her love of travel. Now she has arrived in Lyons, Colorado, a small music town in the mountains.

Her innovative music is characterized by a polished vocal style with elements of Celtic, big-hearted country and Americana influences. Alexa, who won the songwriting contest at the 2019 Rocky Mountain Folk Festival, sang live on stage with the full band at Planet Bluegrass in August 2021. Her songs invite Listen to experience the richness of life by delving into the vast storehouse of human emotions with humor and lightness.

Producers Dan Knobler and Russell Durham worked with musicians including Ruth Moody (Wailin’ Jennys) and Jordan Tice (Hawktail) to record her self-titled EP at Goosehead Palace.

Her father’s passion for collecting vintage guitars inspired Alexa’s love for acoustic string instruments, which led to her playing octave guitar and mandolin. She studied voice from the age of 5, began classical voice training at age 7 and continued studying musical theater through high school at OCSA.

Alexa’s deep love for Americana music came when she saw the Wailin’ Jennys perform at a festival when she was 17 years old. Life came full circle when a member of that band sang harmony on Alexa’s debut EP in 2018.

A few years later, Alexa started couch surfing and really wanted to experience life in a campervan/mobile home. A friend gave her his truck full of stuff, and Alexa spent the next months living out of it and traveling to wherever her next gig would take her.

View Alexa’s music on her Spotify.

Does Alexa Wildish have a boyfriend?

Alexa Wildish is very private about her dating life. She doesn’t share much, which suggests that she stays away from her dating life or is currently single.

Wild mother Alexa

Alexa Wildish’s mother’s name is Debbie Wildish. Born in June 1953, Debbie turns 70 in 2023. Not much is known about her except that she is on Instagram and Facebook.

Furthermore, Debbie has a son named Brandon Wildish. Brandon turns 38 in April 2023. He is also a musician living in Orange County California.

Brandon first picked up the guitar over 20 years ago and has been a performing musician for 15 of those years. Early in his career, he played in intimate settings such as small venues and coffee shops.

Years later, he helped form an alternative rock group called Hope Departed. Brandon has been in this group for several years and had the opportunity to play with other great bands such as Bad Religion, Cotton Mouth Kings, Pepper, A Static Lullaby, Over It, etc. Brandon released his debut solo album (Simplicities) in November 2013.

In late 2016, Brandon released his second album (Other Side), which received positive reviews and press in London. Blending the sounds of acoustic folk and alternative rock, Brandon has been described as having a laid-back West Coast feel, similar to Jason Mraz, with classic rock roots based on the style of Pink Floyd.

Another son, Debbie, is named Loren Wildish. Loren studied political science at California State University, Fullerton. He is married to his wife, Jessica Wildish, and lives in Richland, Washington.

Alexa’s wild father

Alexa Wildish’s father’s name is Daniel Wildish. Daniel turns 70 in November 2023.

Daniel was born to his late parents Mary Jane (nee Sommers) and Robert S. Wildish. He lost his brother William Nelson Bill Wildish in March 2017. He was a United States Air Force veteran of the Vietnam era, a public school teacher, former mayor of Herculaneum, a member of the United Methodist Church and former Chairman of the Republican Party. for the greater Tucson area.

Daniel’s other sibling is Steve (the late Brenda) Wildish of Newport Beach, California.

Furthermore, according to Alexa’s website, she grew up in a musical family where her father played the guitar while her mother sang songs.

On Father’s Day 2021, Alexa dedicated a post to her dad writing, “I’m grateful, dad. :: Your joy is palpable and felt wherever you go. I cherish the days we spent swimming together in the vast blue lake and laughing together. How wonderful it is that somewhere in the universe, we chose each other in this life 💚💕🙌🤗☀️.”

How old is Alexa Wildish?

Born in 1988, Alexa Wildish turns 35 years old in 2023.

Alexa’s wild height

The Voice star Alexa Wildish is under 5’4”.

Related FAQs

  • When is Alexa’s wild birthday?

Alexa Wildish’s birthday is on October 24.

  • Where does Alexa Wildish come from?

Alexa Wildish originates from Laguna Beach, California. She currently lives in Boulder, Colorado.

  • Is Alexa wild on Instagram?

Yes, Alexa Wildish is available on Instagram (, Twitter (@alexawildish), Facebook page (@alexawildishmusic) and profile (@alexa.wildish.5).

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