Can Jennifer Lopez’s ‘troubled’ marriage be saved by Ben Affleck’s children? Report

Rumors have been circulating for months about the status of Hollywood’s golden couple, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, where the general consensus is that divorce is imminent. Some people even think that only Lopez is ready to fix the marriage while Affleck has been planning for a long time.

But could Affleck’s children, whom he shares with ex Jennifer Garner, be the ones to step in and save the marriage?

According to Daily Mail UK, Lopez and Affleck may have been married for almost two years, but untangling their lives was never going to be simple because of their deeply intertwined family dynamic.

The couple shares five children together – Emme Maribel Muñiz and Maximilian Muñiz from Lopez’s previous marriage to Marc Anthony, and Violet Affleck, 18, Fin Affleck, 15, and Samuel Affleck, 12, from Affleck’s marriage with Garner.

Lopez, 54, and Affleck, 51, rekindled their romance in 2021 — much to the delight of original “Bennifer” fans from the ’00s — and exchanged vows in 2022 in Las Vegas , two decades after their first meeting.

Coming together later, each with previous marriages and children, means Bennifer has merged into one large blended family – with Lopez fully taking on the role of her stepmother.

The global superstar wasted no time in bonding with Ben’s three children, Violet, Fin and Samuel, and expressed her joy at their harmonious family life, referring to her five children as ‘ good luck’ in an interview with Extra in early 2023.

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Lopez and Affleck seem to have navigated the complexities of a blended family with grace, forming strong bonds with each other’s children and regularly appearing together in public, cherishing the moments precious family. This makes their breakup rumors even more complicated.

Most recently, Affleck and Lopez were spotted together at a high school graduation party on Thursday (May 30) in LA, celebrating the milestone for Ben’s daughter Violet, whom he shares with his wife ex Jennifer Garner.

Given the close relationship JLo has with Affleck’s children and his ex-wife, who, according to a source from US Weekly, is “encouraging Ben to work on his marriage,” it’s natural for the singer to It’s understandable that the actor would want to participate in such a marriage. important event.

While their reunion was a fairy tale ending in a decades-long romance, insiders have hinted that the initial spark that ignited their love now seems has been fading for many months now.

Sources close to the couple told Us Weekly that Affleck is feeling exhausted by the relationship and that the honeymoon phase has passed.

According to an insider who spoke with the publication, despite being married for less than two years, the couple decided to take a break to evaluate whether their marriage was truly viable for both of them.

Despite the challenges, they continue to present a united front, still wearing their wedding rings despite living apart.

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